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  1. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Got it. Also found fouled spark plugs and a broken aux air regulator
  2. '89 ZXT Part Out

    I could really use an auxiliary air regular
  3. Z and ZX parts

    I could really use an auxiliary air regular and injectors but I’m in Delaware. If shipping was a possibility
  4. 280z still not starting!!!!

    I was under the assumption that it would actually start with the starting fluid for a few seconds but it doesn’t even do that. So I’m really not sure
  5. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Update. Still not starting. I wanted to make sure Iwas back at square one again so I sprayed starting fluid in it and as long as I’m cranking the starter and pedaling the gas I’m getting popping likenit wants to start and as soon as I let off it dies. The fuel pressure gauge I bought doesn’t work for this application so I can take check the pressure but I knownim getting fuel to the rails the attached video is at the tail end when im sure the starting fluid was all but finished. It doesn’t start at all. Just pops. I think it became flooded after this because it doesnt even pop at all like it wants to start. I was told the cold start injector would flood the engine/plugs 7759C1B5-1E17-44DC-AD73-BE1E5E934190.MOV
  6. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Just replaced that back filter with a brand new duralast one. I also took the fuel line off the hose after the fuel filter up top and I was getting fuel pouring out but didn’t verify pressure. I would have at least a sputter or something even if fuel pressure was low right ?!
  7. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Confirmed that test last night with the neg coil and the ground test. The injectors indeed where firing. I just wasn’t sure if that confirmed that they were getting the pulse while actually trying to start under normal conditions Also rang out all 6 injectors terminals on ecu connector and they are were getting voltage. I know I have fuel, I know I have spark and I know I have air and she doesn’t even sputter or try to start.
  8. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Thanks a lot bud I really would love to know what it is for. It doesn’t look good and the ecu is at my buddies house so I can’t ohm them out right now and I can’t find anything online about the ecu
  9. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Does anyone know what resistor R311 is in the ecu ? I think I have found at least one problem
  10. 280z still not starting!!!!

    I will go back tomorrow and try the starting fluid and start checking all the hoses. If you can think of anything else please me me know thanks
  11. 280z still not starting!!!!

    Because now I’m not even attempting to start at all. It’s not acting the same now. Totally got ahead of myself with the troubleshooting and forgot to do the starting fluid today I will read that section fully now
  12. 76 280z. Went through all the steps in the FI BIBLE. everything checks out until I get to here . Which is weird. I checked wiring and then also manually checked he air regulator and it’s firing the fuel pump and the injectors as it should. I moved on with my steps and everything. Checked out leading me to a bad ecu. Several days ago I the car was trying to start and backfiring. Now I have nothing but a cranking engine. I have fuel and spark. I tested the power relays for a click and they do that as well (one of them). please help
  13. Help NO START

    I heard no bubbles. Never used starting fluid edit. Used starting fluid today. Started sputtered and backfired and then stalled
  14. Help NO START

    I primed the lines for 10/20 seconds. Should it be a lot longer then that ?
  15. Priming fuel pump

    Amazing thank you