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  1. ubergumgum

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    PM sent
  2. ubergumgum

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    I'm interested in one pice of the outer trim for the front window but understand if you only want to sell it all. And wonder if the about the gearbox, is it for sale, 4 or 5 speed?
  3. ubergumgum

    L24 pully and belt?

    Thanks alot, I need that so called "fan belt", so will order one of thoes.
  4. ubergumgum

    L24 pully and belt?

    Hi I have a problem. I bought a 240z and it had ac when I bought it but I can't use the ac so I have removed it. I can't find any info on it except that there is a fan belt but as I don't have the original fan do I still need that belt? What pullys am I supposed to use and what belts do I need?
  5. ubergumgum

    New widebody kit design

    really nice, but the front of the car seams to be lover than a standard 240z
  6. ubergumgum

    Fiber glass doorskins

    Yes i ordered from FRP. Sure i can upload some pictures when i get them, will most likely do a build thread but to be on the safe side you can remind me by 15th of june as i will get them close to that date
  7. ubergumgum

    Fiber glass doorskins

    Ye i know, problem is i am in Sweden but got hold of a company in the UK that make fiberglass parts and have ordered a pair from them, 280 pounds shipped.
  8. ubergumgum

    something wierd in my springs

    But as the car has been siting for a long time i would guess the springs will be miss formed
  9. ubergumgum

    something wierd in my springs

    aha, thanks, so that would suggest that my springs are are toast, right?
  10. Hi guys, can someone tell me what these things in my springs are?
  11. ubergumgum

    Fiber glass doorskins

    Hi, just want to know what i should expect to pay only seen a image on google that says 80 us dollars for one side, and one post that talked about 119us dollars. Anyone bought doorskins reacently? what did you pay?
  12. ubergumgum

    Hi from Sweden

    Hi, I´m a 20 year old guy from Sweden who just bought a 71' 240z (with a lot of work) from the states. The car is originally from Alabama, but i bought it from a guy in Tennessee and is in the process of being shipped to Sweden.
  13. ubergumgum

    Zeta GT - 260Z 2+2 1977 T6

    Nice project, how is it coming along?