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  1. ubergumgum

    ubergumgum's 71' 240z

    Today i did some work on the car, mostly paint removal, and removed the last of the sound deadening. They had a lot of bondo on most of the quarter panel, but it came of quiet easy. here is a before and after. I also made a new piece of leather for the key tag, didn't turn out perfect, so might remake it at a later date.
  2. ubergumgum

    ubergumgum's 71' 240z

    Did some more work today, mostly made a mount for the engine so i can hang it on my engine stand as it didn't have one when i bought it. Also found some repairs, under a ton of body filler. But i already have new sheet metal for the rear overfender area on both sides. I was curious if the antenna hole looked like this from factory or if it's also a repair.
  3. ubergumgum

    ubergumgum's 71' 240z

    A lite update, i dont know anything about the cars history but the vin is #HLS3021599 the engine is a matchning numbers, with a p30 block and a E31 head, and SU carbs.  Some more picks of the car in its current state.
  4. I thought i start a build log here, mostly for me actually. Feels like i will have more of a reason to get work done if there is someone who sees what i do, not just me and all the people that say i have a way to much to do. Which i knew when i bought the car. But on to the story of my car. I haven' t really been in to any type of vehicle until i stumbled on a picture of this car a couple of years back. I was immediately in love, i knew i needed to have one. Fast forward to last autumn, i realise i have the possibility to actually buy one, so i start to scour the internet, both the European market and the american market. Europe was a bit too pricey for me as cars started at 6k euro and it was at least 1.5k to get it to Sweden. So i very soon looked towards USA where cars price start at like 500 dollars. I almost purchased a track day 240z from the west coast but backed out in the last minute, as I had to buy the car sight unseen, it was a bit price for what I got. So the search kept on going until spring 2018 when i stumbled on a 2/71' 240z, quite rusty as you will see, but it appealed to me somehow, so i won the bidding, and contacted a shipping company, and the car was on its way. The car landed in Gothenburg late May and i picked it up a few days later. Now that i had my dream car there was a lot to do. I started with a cleaning it was long overdue. when the car was cleaner then it been in decades i didn't really find any new damage. Fast forward a couple of months, i bring the car from my parents place to my own garage and i have now teared down the whole car and i am doing rust repair. So the cars current state, i'm doing rust repair on the passenger side floor area, to get it ready for the new floor and frame rail, and slowly working away at the area below the hatch. Then there is the driver side floor area, battery tray area, rear wheel arches, some rust spots in the trunk but none in the spare-wheel arch. Other then that there is some more places but nothing mayor i have found yet. Most of the interior needs replacing, I will repair the dash, but unsure what to do with the seats, as there is nothing more then the seat frame i can save. Engine wise i'm very unsure what to do, the car didn't ran when bought, but does turn over. I'm about to put it on a engine stand and pick it apart some so i can try to decide what to do. I'm thinking of doing an engine swap but i can only increase the engine kW by 20% and torque by 10% or 15kW/100kg, (this is factory power, can still tune the engine for more power) so cant put in a much bigger engine but i would like something a bit more reliable that i can start no matter when and where. Something i can repair without having to wait for parts for months. This is the car in its current state.
  5. ubergumgum

    240z Seats

    hi, im interesded in the seats if you are willing to ship them to sweden
  6. ubergumgum

    Differential question

    alright, thanks. will probably pull the cover to make sure everything looks alright in a later date. have to much rust to fix at the moment
  7. ubergumgum

    Differential question

    Hi, I got really unsure what differential i have it should be a r180 but would like some one to confirm it for me! This is what i can find on it!
  8. ubergumgum

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    PM sent
  9. ubergumgum

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    I'm interested in one pice of the outer trim for the front window but understand if you only want to sell it all. And wonder if the about the gearbox, is it for sale, 4 or 5 speed?
  10. ubergumgum

    L24 pully and belt?

    Thanks alot, I need that so called "fan belt", so will order one of thoes.
  11. ubergumgum

    L24 pully and belt?

    Hi I have a problem. I bought a 240z and it had ac when I bought it but I can't use the ac so I have removed it. I can't find any info on it except that there is a fan belt but as I don't have the original fan do I still need that belt? What pullys am I supposed to use and what belts do I need?
  12. ubergumgum

    New widebody kit design

    really nice, but the front of the car seams to be lover than a standard 240z
  13. ubergumgum

    Fiber glass doorskins

    Yes i ordered from FRP. Sure i can upload some pictures when i get them, will most likely do a build thread but to be on the safe side you can remind me by 15th of june as i will get them close to that date
  14. ubergumgum

    Fiber glass doorskins

    Ye i know, problem is i am in Sweden but got hold of a company in the UK that make fiberglass parts and have ordered a pair from them, 280 pounds shipped.