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  1. WTB RB 20/25/26 Engine and Trani mounts S30

    You still interested?
  2. WTB RB 20/25/26 Engine and Trani mounts S30

    Ok- let me know. Thanks
  3. WTB RB 20/25/26 Engine and Trani mounts S30

    Just sent you some pics. Thanks.
  4. WTB RB 20/25/26 Engine and Trani mounts S30

    Hey- I've got a set of Rick wong rb mounts that I'm probably not going to use as well as a new rb20 oil pan and modified strainer that have been modified for the rb26. Let me know if your interested. [email protected] Thanks
  5. would you sell the carb set up alone?
  6. N42 Intake

  7. N42 Intake

    still available. Lots of interest, but no one sending $$
  8. WTB: 16x9 -15 offset wheels

    Ive got a set of 2 piece work ewing iii that I might be selling. I was going to redo them but haven't gotten around to it yet. They're staggered set but can't remember the specs at the moment, i want to say 16x8 and 16x9. I took them apart to send out for polishing and re-paint but never got around to doing it. The pic with them in silver is how the centers look now after stripping the paint but they've been taken apart. The pics with them in purple is how they looked when I first bought them.
  9. N42 Intake

    Non-egr N42 intake manifold in good condition. $120 + shipping from Miami, Fl.
  10. As the title states, I have a complete analog dash wiring harness for a 280zx. $25 plus shipping
  11. diver/pass headlight bucket

    For what car??
  12. Turbo CV shafts out of an '82-'83 280x turbo. They have approx 90k miles on them. One of the boots has a small tear in it. Im also including the companion flanges (not pictured). $100 + shipping Thanks..
  13. 280zx Tail lights w/ harness

    I'll do it for $90 shipped