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L28ET is finally running

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No, I usually hit up the NismOkc meets in OKC. How come, are you usually at the Tulsa meets?


Not usually, I'm still bumbling around in my FC, I've got my two Zs to worry about till I can get around to one of those, great to see someone with a running S130 Turbo swap in their S30 tho



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The biggest issue I ran into was my fault actually. Whenever I pulled the engine harness to paint the engine bay, I lost the wire that supplies power to the main engine relay that controls the fuel injectors. So I wasn't getting any signal to the injectors. Took me a few weeks and help from a member on here to figure that one out.


After that, I had the firing order wrong, but once that was fixed, it fired right up fine.



The main things that held me back were time and money. Being a full time college student isn't fun in the least when it comes to working on the cars. Between this and the drift car, I run out of funds quickly.


Now this is running though, and I have coilovers for it, she should get a nice drop and then I'll just daily it so I can tear the drift car apart.

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Very awesome I am digging the white on white looks good and Nothing like the sound of the clicking and clacking of a L28et . What plans do u have for future EMS?


Thanks! I really didn't even plan on doing white on white, I had the white wheels on my Miata and just swapped them over. Turned out pretty good.


I'll run on stock EFI for now until I can get the drift car back to track ready, and then I'll either


A) build a high comp 3.1 NA and tune it with MegaSquirt




B) MegaSquirt the L28et, install EDIS, throw a GT35R on it, and run 15ish pounds on it. I'm hoping that doesn't take away the reliability of a daily.

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