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  1. Looks like magma orange. That is the same color i want to use.
  2. If you do end up with an extra space let me know! Otherwise I will be fabing my own.
  3. Most people here are huge lurkers. Lots of things to read but we only post out of necesity. Now onto the real point.... Great job!
  4. I love an orange Z. I want to get a solid magma orange and this looks good!
  5. I woulddo the mustang grill if i didn't have a perfect one all ready. There was a thread on here about a guy that used the stock one. He had fog lights mounted and didn't have to move them!!!
  6. I heart orange Z's........ Just saying. There are some AMAZING cars here! Great job to EVERYONE!
  7. Can you register in another state???
  8. Some info on the buy back process. The insurance company has a SET percentage on the price based on the payout. So the more you get the higher the buy back cost. But for that price you can get a good runner.
  9. I will be the first to say....... It'll buff out. But seriously be glad you are able to move. That is crazy. Now that you have an attorney your next step is to find comparable cars (most companies say same year or +1 newer) that are in the same condition as yours. Really just find the highest priced examples for sale that are close to you to really drive the point home. The sad part is they feel like they can "pay" for any option or change but an extra 25 bucks for a mint interior is not ging to cut it. So go BIG.
  10. Have you checked your AFM? And double check your grounds.
  11. The only way to tell is to spec it out and compare with the data on an original C cam.
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