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Rob L

Negative Camber Roll center Adjusters

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Not new, I think one of the vendor's on our forum has had them for a while. 


Benefits would be more camber you can look up the benefits that that supplies with a quick search.


The spacers will push the LCA's lower so it will cause correction of suspension geometry if your LCA's are parallel or facing upwards. 


If you have the room to accommodate the extra width it would be beneficial, but I am not sure how much the struts would like being pushed out at that angle with the stock top hats, a spherical type joint may be required to run these without binding in some way.


I plan on getting these when I go for adjustable arms and coil overs with camber plates. 

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1" is a big offset indeeed, I sell some for the z31 that are 18mm offset (the minimum you can get away with) but that's on a car with a much wider strut base...


My second concert is whether they figured out the bottom indent is slotted the wrong way on their others:



If you look at the bottom of the 280zx kit (appears to be the same as the corolla part), the hole slots away from the steering knuckle on the outside, exactly where all the forces are coming from, therefore exactly the wrong way to remove material...


This is how the bottom should look, no extending slot outwards:


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I installed them recently, and they definitely corrected my LCA angle while giving a good bit more negative camber.  Quality and fit are pretty decent.  Haven't had a chance to test them at the track, but haven't detected any downside with them yet on the street.

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These do not have a significant impact on alignment.  They do not change the steering arm mounting points or geometry, and therefore do not have a significant design impact on the front end alignment.  The major geometry change occurs in the location of the lower end of the strut, and therefore, the position and location of the front spindle.  If you're already planning to do a front-end alignment, I would hold off until you install these first.  


You may want to try doing the alignment yourself....it's really not that hard, and a good skill to learn, especially if you're planning to do some different types of racing and/or different tracks.  Racers are always playing with different alignment settings to optimize performance.  Good luck with it.

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