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Slow Build 240Z LS1/MN12 - Build Thread

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So this happened today. A big thank to auxilary for taking to day to help me get this thing shoehorned in. All went pretty smoothly, needed to slot the motor mount to get a little more angle in order for it to be aligned straight, and some small adjustment to the trans tunnel. Also had to cut some bosses off the side of the MN12 T56 trans.

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Wish I had more of an update, but really its just been a while since I updated. Big restore, again, on the vintage trailer in the avatar after major rains cropped up new leaks. So that took all of my free time, and some of my not so free time.


But I've been working on the wiring harness. I bought a harness from Rolling Thunder, but after fitting it, I realized I needed to move quite a few things around. AC wire on the wrong side, IAT and MAF on the wrong side, Relay center had like a 4' cable on it, but need to cut about 30" off of it. So now its a big pile of spaghetti on the work bench. 


Ordered fans a shroud for my Champion radiator. Wow, was that kit really a kit. No mounting holes for the fans, no instructions, no bolts or screws. Not too hard to figure out, but would have been pretty easy for them to put a simple instruction sheet together too.


decided to go a with a Braille battery. Didn't have a battery tray anymore after rust repairs, and though the firewall mounted battery would work out well. Had to make a 1/4" plate to mount on the firewall, to space the battery away from those indents on the firewall. Pics below.


Started restoration of my dashboard. Didn't want to get too far without the new gauges though. So got those ordered and they took a long time, then arrived in the wrong color. Vendor made a mistake, owned up and is taking care of it but it'll be another wait to get those back.


And I just read that Japan Garage went out of business. Now I need to find another source for wide ZG flares.


So lots of starts and stops, but no completed tasks just yet. I need to focus on one task at a time, before I get overwhelmed. I'm going to try to concentrate on the harness, and likely roll into the body harness from there. Just need to cut the larger hole through the radiator support for the intake tubing, so I can be sure I'm getting the MAF and IAT harness wires to the right locations.




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It’s been 6 months since my last update. I’ve been getting stuff done, working steadily but still no leaps or bounds. Until last week when the family decided to visit family on the other coast and was kind enough to leave me behind. I was able to really tackle and complete some loose ends.


Got the engine harness worked out. It had trunk lines that seemed long enough to put in a truck, and I wanted to move a few things around. So pretty much took it apart, sliced and diced it, a little shortening here and lengthening there and voila. A harness I sure as hell hope works.


I made a boxed mount for the ECU and got it tucked up nicely next to the blower motor.


I restored the entire HVAC system, and got that reinstalled. Rebuilt heater core, fresh paint, upgraded blower motor from a Kia.


Radiator and fans mounted. All hoses run. Went through a lot of hoses finding what would fit. What worked for others didn’t seem to work for me. Ordered 3 different 45 degree thermostat elbows, and they all showed up with 60 degree angles. Still not sure if I like the location of the steam fitting and vent in the upper hose, might move down so at least it’s horizontal so I can get the air out of the system (if I ever get to that point).


finished the majority of the cold air intake. Still need to mount the air filter, which arrives tomorrow. I have an adjustable stiffener arm by Spectre that I hope will work to hold the filter up. It just doesn’t seem like it will be that stable otherwise.


Made a shifter boot out of neoprene and a retainer ring out of sheet metal. Had to hack a substantial amount out of the center console to make it fit over the MGW short shifter, and will need to figure out an interior boot at some point.


Restored the dashboard and am really happy with how it turned out. We’ll see how long it lasts. 5 new Speedhut gauges, with new Millhouse pods for the smaller gauges.


Sound mat on the entire interior. Used Rattletrap extreme. Great bond, same thickness as the big well known stuff but half the price. I don’t really know effective it will be, but certainly can tell the difference when knocking on the panels.


Camaro tank installed, plumbed and wired. Just need to get fuel gauge worked out.


Next up is the body harness. Have a 20 circuit EZ Wire harness and am trying to get my mind into it. Electrical is kinda my kriptonite, it makes me weak in the knees.


Then I guess it’ll be time to throw some fluids into everything and see if she’ll start.














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Still plugging away at this. Took some time off to waste a bunch of time playing Call of Duty but back at the car again. Scratched a couple bald spots getting the car wired but it’s in and tested. Finishing that hopefully this weekend. Picked up my new driveshaft this afternoon, checked it for fit and found I’ll need to remove that ashtray recess in the tunnel.

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