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randy 77zt

Where to post parts for free?

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Ditto rosaaen89.


I can see where the forum honchos are coming from - sort of - but seems like they're cutting off their noses, as they say, with this particular rule.. Actually, _everybody_ in hybridz loses. I have something pretty valuable to somebody building a stroker but I'm not a Z enthusiast and $20 is too much for a one off ad. Especially because I'm placing the ad in half dozen (or more) places because it's a no-ship item and I want the net spread wide as possible to maybe connect w/a local person. It's going to be gone one way or another (read scrap) in 3 weeks and the guys here have been closed out. Too bad.


"Spam problem"? Better, real, ways to deal w/that. As I'm sure everyone knows.


You want to charge for your classifieds, why, do it up front with reasonable (I would hope) rates. As it stands, you're shooting your hybridz charter in the foot. Many of the best parts you're looking for are already rare and you're putting road blocks in front of those offering them to you for sale... ???  Go figure. It'd make more sense to charge for the rest of the site and make the ads free.


Just IMHO of course. (And that's not kiddie text speak or gangsta slop. It's been common parlance on the net for at least 20 years. But I admire your efforts supporting the English language. <g>)



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We don't really care it we have classifieds or not. That's not why the site exists. There are far better resources to buy and sell Datsun parts then us. We put the donation requirement in place to keep out scammers. It's been pretty effective.


So, go scrap your part, there are plenty more out there.

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$20 for an ad for a high dollar part is just part of doing business.A local Hybrid Z member got the parts for free.The $20 is a donation for supporting this site.I had no intention of going around the $20 fee.I have been out of Z cars for awhile and the parts were taking up space in my very small shop.If any Z owners need any technical advise pm me for the address for my shop + bring beer.

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