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5.0 T5 shifter location

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bushido431    0

I just bought my father's 280z back after 15 years. When my father did the engine conversion in 87 he made a custom center console because the shifter was too far forward, I want to put a factory console back in. Does anyone know of a way to get shifter close to srock location. Possibly swapping tailshaft with 3rd Gen Camaro or 280zx Turbo? I'm considering fabricating a remote shifter. If anyone else has solved this issue please post up.

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With a stock center console, if you forego the switches (in my 78, there's a Haz, Def switch in the way) it will buy you a bit more space in the 'up' direction.  Working with those two switches probably cuts 1.5" out of your clearance, I bet.


Second thing, I just remembered, the 94+ V6 T5 (same 300ft-lb torque rating as the V8 T5) has a bellhousing/input shaft that is 3/4" deeper, which might help you.  Granted, you'd need at least 3/4" of extra slip yoke on your current driveshaft to safely swap them, but if you do, that's a lot of easy space.  I have a 94 V6 T5 behind my 351w in my wife's 65 Mustang, and it fit perfectly in that, while lots of guys with pre 94 trans have to trim the shifter hole to get clearance. If you don't have the driveshaft length, you might be able to get a set of universals that are offset, two of them should buy your 3/4" back I'd think.


Oh, and there's a Facebook group, "V8 s30 Owners"; on Sept 29th, one of the guys posted up these two pictures:





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74_5.0L_Z    9

My car has the shifter very close to the stock location, but that required moving the engine back almost against the firewall.  The back of the driver's side cylinder head is 3/4" from the firewall.


To put the engine in this position required deleting the factor hood latch, and fabricating my own mounts.  I believe the Laine Family installation has the engine in a position similar to mine and that they managed to keep the hood latch.

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