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  1. The front of the differential IS bushed; they're OE pressed into the carrier housing. See attached image. I've asked AE a lot of questions and haven't bought jack from them, and they've been outstanding answering all of my questions, including dimensions and materials as I attempt to copy their stuff. I've heard nothing but positive things from those I know who have purchased from them. Maybe they're not the problem.
  2. Hola, I measured off centerline and cut out upper core support at ~45*, then drilled and bolted two plates together tight, trimmed the upper support until upper edge was flush as it would have been before, and welded it together. It's plenty stiff!!
  3. I don't think a single thing about this build is considering real life use/wear/maintenance. I think someone told me that he's talking about bagging it now so it'll lay frame?!? I mean I miss the minitruckin days too, but comeon.
  4. No, if you didn't want to cut the strut tower you would have to drop the whole strut assembly to adjust camber.
  5. I thought about doing the same to mine..until I dug deeper. Ended up doing waaayyy more than just the outter rocker panel. See photos: https://imgur.com/a/SkwkJ
  6. Mark, Thank you very much for posting that information here on HBZ; DPAN is a mess.
  7. I have the DR's purchased, but car isn't ready for them yet. When researching, digressive shocks are definitely the way to go for a more performance oriented car. I was hoping to find a few different shock dynos of the BCs, but only found a couple... likely because at the BC pricepoint, most people aren't going to have them run through a shockdyno. BUT - they seem to use standard bilstein sized pistons and valves so really fine tuning their setup is possible and rebuilding shouldn't be a big deal. I would have preferred the shocks to be inverted like the Stance or Simtec, but a lack of information about the internals made me lean towards the BC. TLDR; I thought the BC DR's were the best way into a digressive coilover setup that was a solid base with room for improvement down the road.
  8. It's painful to watch. I had to unsubscribe, I was about ready to leave a youtube comment.
  9. Well wifey and kiddo are at Grandma's tonight so I guess I'll update this thread while drinking some beer. Got the front half of the rocker welded in. The rear half is welded in where it can be, but I've got a bunch of metal to replace back there.... Had some issues getting the rocker panel to line up with the rear quarter door seam. In the end, i'm putting it down to 40 year old cheap japanese cars weren't built with a lot of precision and to allow for some variances. After getting it welded in and flanges hammered down it fits better but not what i'd call 100%. But in the end, it welded up ok. also took care of some stitch welding while I was in the area And then getting the inner wheel well ready for it's patch. I'm guessing it's probably best to make this panel once I've got the new dogleg in. Parts are primed on all faces before being enclosed, and then I'll be doing over everything with Eastwood's internal frame coating to seal it up. Oh, and sent in my speedhut gauges to go from 4.5 to 4" so I can fit the trim rings. While those were getting snail mailed to Utah, the 2 5/8s came in. Thanks to Steve (ihiryu) here on the forums for being an awesome dealer with many hookups. Saved me a couple hundred bucks on my BCs and about 150 between all these gauges.
  10. The mechanical side of his builds have consistently been... questionable. Hoping since he cares about this car that'll be different. Would love to hear that thing howl!
  11. Very curious about what the smart people here think about this design. I'm planning on going down a similar path, also with the main hoop also protruding into the wheel wells slightly. I've got full length box frame rails that the hoop would brace down into as well.
  12. When really honing in on your skill, electrodes do make a difference. The video below does an excellent job of comparing the various 'colors' that are out there. But no electrode will make up for beginner or sloppy technique.
  13. technique is way more important than electrode choice in tig welding. Establish your puddle, then start moving the torch. keep arc TIGHT. Feed in filler at appropriate increments, and don't stop the torch for too long otherwise you'll put too much heat into the part. A million billion times more tricky than it sounds.
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