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NewZed    56

Just reinstall the Nissan R180 with the T3 bar and determine if it 's the T3 bar or the Subaru diff that's the problem .  If the measurements aren't possible and you have the parts you might as well swap them and figure out what combinations work and which don't.  If the Nissan diff doesn't work with the T3 bar then you can focus on the T3 bar.  If it does fit then you can focus on the Subaru diff differences.

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NewZed    56

I'd start a new thread with a more descriptive title.  Like "is anyone using the T3 mustache bar with an R180?".  And focus on whether or not theirs fits without compressing the bushings.  That's your real question right?  It doesn't really matter what Nissan did with their bar.  There's a lot of extra stuff in this thread, with upside down and poorly lit pictures.  It's hard to get through.


Maybe SJ could tell where he saw the modified cross member in Post #17.  Actually, I just found it. It's an RB swap so may have been lowered on purpose.  http://www.ontariozcar.com/ozc/forum/forums/buy-sell/1852-240z-part-out-full-interior-rb-swap-4-11-r180-multilink-s13-suspension-etc

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I really don't recall there being any kind of twist. Some of the bars can develop a twist as that is the direction the force goes in once the wheels start to turn and if the front mount is worn or just the rear bushings are changed that can pull up on the mounts.


What we need from you.


4 pictures.


1 well lit picture of the front upper diff mount 


1 well lit picture of both diffs from the rear with a ruler for scale


1 well lit picture of the mounting studs on the car for the mustache bar with a square object like a right triangle to show the angle of the studs


1 well lit picture of both bars lying on the bushing with a ruler fir scale to the center mounting point


Something is off in this situation. You are asking people to guess without seeing all the cards. Each picture will eliminate one of the possibilities.


1. Upper diff mount is causing interference


2. diff dimensions are different


3. mustache bar studs/bolts are bent


4. mustache bars are different


Those are the four options and those four pictures will give us our four solutions.

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