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VQ35DE swap kit

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LeForce    0

I'm planing a VQ35DE engine swap, to make my life easier I'd rather have a some sort of swap kit, mainly engine & transmission mounts & perhaps a custom cross member & driveshaft. After some forum search I found that such swap was performed by a shop called ZFever. I emailed the guy & he agreed to supply me with a full swap kit but two emails later he stopped responding to my emails! Doing some further search I found another shop that makes S30 VQ35 swap parts & they mentioned that one of their customers had used 280Z swap parts on a 280ZX. Does that sound right?


I'd appreciate your feedback


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260DET    25

Actually McKinney is the guy I contacted, but my question is: can I use such s30 engine/tranny mounts for an s130?

 Let's work this out. Same engine so the mounts are going to fit the engine, different chassis so the mounts won't fit that chassis. But that doesn't mean that they can't be adapted to a different chassis.

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