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NA-T with high MATs

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Hi guys - 


I'm in a crunch here.  I have a track day coming up in August and I need to do something about my high IATs.  I got some help on msextra (pulling more timing, richening up the AFR targets in boost).  But - what should I do for a bit of insurance?  


- race gas.  I can get 100 octane at the track, or additives

- colder plugs?  I have BPR7ES right now.  BPR8ES, or BR8ES maybe, but does this affect the tune?

- methanol injection?  It would have to go in the j-pipe inches from the throttle body.  I might be able to move my IAT sensor, which is currently in the J-pipe

- intercooler.  I have an air-water intercooler and radiator but I'm missing the pump; I also have a Starion intercooler.  Either of these would take me a while to install.


Here's a shot of a log showing the high IATs.  I've since made some adjustments, and the pinging is mostly gone.



Here's my map, which is slightly modified after the above datalog was made.  Note that my AE is not tuned properly, and I think my temperature correction needs work too. 





Car: 1982 280zx NA to T conversion, MS1 running Msns-e on a v3.0 board.  Locked VR distribution.  DSM blow off in stock J-pipe.  Magnecor wires.  93 octane fuel.


Thank you for any advice or suggestions!  And, I haven't been on hybridz in a while; glad to see my ID still works!  :)

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MAT doesn't actually look all that bad..... at least from that particular Data Log. I see a Max of 158 F on that particular which is not too bad. Suspect it may be going higher under longer loads though. 


Need to see your new .msq, but with this one you are too lean on boost. You should be aiming for 11.5 to 11.0 under Boost. You can cool the engine combustion temps with a bit of extra fuel. Might cost you a few HP... but better than a melted Piston.


Track days are really hard on engine Temps and you need to take steps to avoid Detonation.


1: Definitely run the 100 Octane Race gas. Much better than additives will ever give you.


2: Pictures of plugs would be nice. But 7's should be adequate on boost levels below 15 psi. 8's shouldn't hurt though ( at higher boost )  and will add some extra headroom. Depends on how 7's are doing. Shouldn't affect the tune at all. But plugs do have to operate at a high enough temperature to be self cleaning ( 500c to 800 c / 932 F to 1472 F . Source NGK ) . So you can't throw too cold of a plug in either.


3: Intercooler. An Air to water Intercooler with no pump is useless. Fix the pump before the event. If your water reservoir is big enough ( At least 5 gallons )  I'd stay with the Air to water. Pour a ton of Ice in the reservoir before each session to avoid heat soaking the water. That's why you need a big reservoir. If reservoir is too small or you can't rig up a pump in time, go to an Air to Air intercooler ( Starion ) . Put this on your must do list before event.


4: Intake setup. You didn't show Intake setup, but make sure that Intake is not drawing hot air from Inside engine bay. Those Cone style intakes drawing stinking hot air from the engine bay are the absolute worst idea. Air Intakes should always be ducted to outside of the engine Bay. Lots of room on a Z so no reason for Intake to be in engine Bay ( If in fact it is ). 


5: Post some pictures of J-Pipe with IAT sensor position and a wider view of Intake system. 


I'll send you a PM with my contact Info. I've tuned a few Turbo cars on Hybrid-Z and Classic Z and the results have been good. I'll see if I can help you out.. 

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ya, without a functioning intercooler, you really shouldn't be running over 5-6psi like they came stock. even then, I'm not sure i'd be comfortable on a track day.


Also, do you have alternator problems? was showing just barely 12v when shouldn't it be 13.5-14?

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Chicken man - you have mail


3) sorry, the intercoolers are all in boxes.  I went on an EBay spree, but haven't installed anything.


4) Intake is the stock airbox routed through 2 1/2" mandrel bent pipe to the turbo


5) Jpipe is here:



^ This pic is slightly dated.  I have a Champion radiator and electric Spal pusher fan now.  I've also installed a catch can between the block vent and PCV.



Re, alternator.  Great question, no idea.  I have a Dodge Monaco alternator installed, and I recently put in a car stereo noise filter to try to dampen some of the voltage spikes you see.  I'll look more closely at the gauge in the car and wiring I did to see if I spot any issues.


Thank you!!

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