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Hey guys,

I just started installing my Eibach ProKit springs on my 240z. I brainlessly painted over the part numbers on the springs so I had to do a lot of research to figure out which one was which. The longer non-progressive spring is 6305.001 and goes in the front, I believe, and the progressive shorter spring is 6305.202 and goes in the rear. This is correct yes?

I installed the longer non-progressive spring (what I believe to be 6305.001) on one of the front struts last night and the spring looks to be slightly bent out sideways -- i.e. it's not straight up and down. You can also see that it's not straight because the piston rod is not visibly centered within the spring. I'm not sure if it's just not seated properly or what. I did notice the spring coil ends are in the little groves in the strut cap and strut base. See the pictures below and see what you think.










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After talking with MSA they mentioned that one other way to differentiate between front and rear is the front spring should have about 10.5 coils and the rear should have about 12.5. If you look at the pictures the shorter spring has more coils (12.5). I think this is why some people give wrong information e.g. saying the rear spring should be the longer one when they probably mean the rear spring should be the one with more coils. Correct me if I'm wrong.

In summary I think the following is what I've decided:

Front spring: 

Par tnumber: 6305.001

Relative height/length: longer than the rear spring

Number of coils: 10.5

Orientation: Wider spaced coils towards the bottom, or 'Eibach' logo readable.

Rear spring:

Part nubmer: 6305.202

Relative height/length: shorter than the front spring

Number of coils: 12.5

Orientation: Wider spaced coils towards the bottom, or 'Eibach' logo readable.


I still don't know why my front springs have an ever so slight outward bow to them. I installed the second one last night and it's not quite as bowed but still is a little.

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