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Lets see your V8 in your Z.

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The oil cooler and oil thermostat are for the engine. The Master cylinder is from JC @ Beta Motorsports. It is a fabulous design that suffers from a few development flaws. I like the way it works with some "gunsmithing".


I have driven it around the block. The 327 engine and X-pipe exhaust sounds [email protected]! It has open chambered mufflers that make it fairly quiet until you stomp on it. It has a cool "euro" tone.


I swear I'll get some video posted this weekend. I still have to set up the suspension, double check clearances, adjust bump steer and make damn sure nothing binds. I may have to re-cut the fenders higher and re-install the ZG flares. It looks like 245/40/17 is the tire for now. Though these Rota 17x9.5s will accept much wider tires.

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post-9835-047075800 1289002213_thumb.jpgheres my new built 350 280z, its a crappy night pic but i was so excited i couldnt wait, ive wanted a v8 z for 10 years and now i have one. its not without needing work but its much closer than my last 2 attempts so im very happy overall. Edited by dangerboy

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