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460ZGT Project Build

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Well then....seems Photobucket (my image hosting site) now wants $399 a year to allow me to use their storage and use them as a host for "3rd party hosting".  Neat.  So, now every forum I've ever posted on, my website, etc is all wiped clean of pictures.  Go F'yerselves Photobucket.  

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So I'm FINALLY making some progress again on the supercharger manifold.  Most of it's welded up now, I decided not to make it a 'direct mount', but rather to have an intermediate plate where the plate bolts to the top of the welded manifold, but then has studs that stick up to mount the supercharger to.  Pictures are somewhat self explanatory, the special drill bit is one I made on the lathe for doing injector bungs.  I tested it out in one piece of scrap aluminum and it promptly snapped the end off, and it was all dark black inside, instead of being shiny like I would have expected.  The only thing I can come up with is that it already coincidentally had a stress crack there that was internally corroded or there was a flaw in the steel or something?? Idk. Luckily the 0.540" part of the bit when resharpened drills very true, and smooth, so I should be able to just use it as a standalone drill bit and just cut the injector bungs in three steps instead of one.  Oh well, it was a nice idea.  








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Belt mounting basically done. Just gotta finish up my new SC pulley, and get the belt length so I can order a belt for this guy. 


In America, engine drive alternator.  In communist Russia, you mount alternator backwards and it drive engine!



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