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  1. For a front sump pan for your 351, you can get one from the early 90's pickup's. Mostly the F-250s, and some F-350s, but there were some F-150s with the 351/5.8L.
  2. It looks sweet in there, and you are an inspiration.
  3. Oh yes, that's sweet looking, and sounding.
  4. It looks sweet setting in there, you've done a great job.
  5. One of these days my health will get better to where I can get mine done. I keep changing things on mine to try and make it better. I had Heart problems 2 1/2 years ago, and it's been one thing after another.
  6. Well it looks good with those wheels. I hope to be back on mine before long. My health got me down for awhile, and now I have two other projects, or rather rebuild a 4.6l and reinstall in my Van, and get my truck to pass the emissions to get it back on the road.
  7. Well I've had health problems, and other vehicle problems, that have kept me from getting mine done. I know what you mean two steps forward and back. Sometimes I took two or three back and then forward again. My problem is that I kept getting more and more extreme on mine. The only thing that's Datsun now is the shell, the rest is Ford or I've done like you, and made the parts.
  8. Your doing some awesome work. I can't wait to hear it run.
  9. That's pretty good stuff, and it's good to know.
  10. Check the Mazda Miatas for the axles, they have the Ford IRS with the 7.5 Diff. and they are closer to the Z's width.
  11. Your swap looks good, but the picture of the tranny did not look like a T-5 to me. I have several T-5's and none look like that one.
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