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1972 240z roller.

A week ago

No engine or trans. Set up for SBC manual. Stock rear axle. Doesn't look too bad, but has some rust. Guy tried to hide it with a paint job.

Picked up another Z project.

08 June 2017 - 09:12 AM

Was looking for a less modified Z project for a while. Bought a little cleaner 1972 with a stock rear and SBC engine and trans.
I've collected enough SBC stuff to build a fairly nice new motor, plus I have a good L33 and a 2JZGTE. I'm not a big fan of the SBC
and may do some research on the 2JZ wiring just to have something less common. I have a new CD000A trans that could be used for any of
the 3 so I guess I'll just have to pick a direction. Something quiet with around 350 to 400 hp would make a nice driver with a good sports car feel.

CD00A (newest version of CD009) transmission for sale.

22 March 2017 - 07:53 AM

I have a new in the box CD00A Nissan 6 speed transmission from Z1 motorsports for sale. Still unopened in the box and on the pallet. $1500 . Located near Sacramento CA.

1974 260z LS3 4l80E project for sale.

15 October 2016 - 09:09 PM

I bought this car a few years ago with an LQ4/MP112 combo. I decided to switch to an all aluminum motor to save a bit of weight, but just don't have time any more. Car has a narrowed 4 linked 9.75" Ford rear with a built 4l80E and 2200 rpm stall converter. Toyota truck front brake upgrade, 2013 Camaro LS3 motor(18K miles) and a complete Holley Dominator EFI with all harness and sensors for the motor and the transmission, and a new set of Sanderson short headers. We moved the motor forward slightly so it will need the driveshaft lengthened slightly. Car has a 10 gallon fuel cell that really limits driving distance, and the battery has been moved to a compartment in the passenger side rear tucked in out of the way. Working on wiring the Holley in currently. Gauges, lights, and turn signals were all working before we did the motor and Holley swap, so they should still be fine. Car handles fine, goes down the track straight, and with a bit less weight on the front should steer a bit easier. Looking for $12k. Will also consider parting out drivetrain and electronics, or selling rolling chassis only. Needs very little to complete since It was running before with another LS motor.



260z Ls3.

21 September 2016 - 11:38 AM

Bought this car a few years ago with an LQ4/Mp112 combo. It had a couple of bent rods so I decided to put a Dart Next LS motor in and backed out after 2 years to try and build something a bit more sedate. I still had the Holley Dominator efi  so I changed a couple of harnesses so it would work with the LS3 DBW throttle body and 4l80e. Haven't read all that much about the aluminum motors, but went that route to save a bit of weight up front so I could move the motor up and forward a bit and not use a dry sump oiling system. Progress has been slow due to lack of interest in the whopping 325 or so hp level and the fact that i have a 2JZGTE sitting here I could put in instead.