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  1. The guy that gave me that quote is one of the best 2jz guys you'll find. It sucks that it costs so much, but it is what it is.
  2. Any idea how much ground clearance it has at the pan or exhaust? Heater, def. and wipers work? Thanks. RonA
  3. RonA

    1972 240z roller.

    No engine. Rust as pictured.
  4. RonA

    1972 240z roller.

    I went on a rust hunt and found spots and took pictures. I hate old cars. Dropped the price and I have pictures of the problem areas if interested. RonA
  5. No engine or trans. Set up for SBC manual. Stock rear axle. Doesn't look too bad, but has some rust. Guy tried to hide it with a paint job. $30000/offer.
  6. Get out a tape measure and measure from the bottom of the oil pan to the top of the valve cover. Then measure that against the Z.
  7. That's what I get for trying to sound like an internet sort of guy.
  8. Glad you finally found a machine shop that wants to do the job. Custom auto shops aren't needed for the parts shown above. Most any machine shop can do them and offer a timely delivery. If they can't, go somewhere else.
  9. Started getting more SBC stuff in. Another block ready to clean and put together(+.030 4bm 350) along with a new Crower crankshaft. The Crower is gorgeous, just too much stroke(3.75")
  10. Nothing against v8's, but driving a friends 240z with a patchwork motor from the Datsun Comp book(around 250 hp) was way more fun than my supercharged LQ4 straight line special. RonA
  11. Was looking for a less modified Z project for a while. Bought a little cleaner 1972 with a stock rear and SBC engine and trans. I've collected enough SBC stuff to build a fairly nice new motor, plus I have a good L33 and a 2JZGTE. I'm not a big fan of the SBC and may do some research on the 2JZ wiring just to have something less common. I have a new CD000A trans that could be used for any of the 3 so I guess I'll just have to pick a direction. Something quiet with around 350 to 400 hp would make a nice driver with a good sports car feel.
  12. This is a quote I got for a 600hp(on E85) build with proper electronics, single turbo, and a set of injectors that would be good down the road if I decided to build a stronger sbort block. Add $3500 for a CD009 with adapter and clutch, $1,500 to 2500 for a non-vvti motor in ok shape. Probably looking at 20K if you do the swap yourself. Here is a ballpark estimate for the 2jzgte build TURBO SYSTEM -BW Sxe S362 ( customer supplied) $0 -3" Stainless downpipe with 3" vband flange $350 -Turbo Feed line kit $100 -Turbo Return line kit $150 -2jzgte SPA turbo cast manifold $700 -Precision 46mm wastegate $340 -4" intake pipe and filter Total$1840 ELECTRONICS -Aem V2 2jzgte ems $1825 -Aem 5bar map sensor kit $150 -ID1700cc injectors $1450 -2jzgte Fuel Rail kit $245 -AEM air temp sensor kit $50 -Mac 3 port Boost solenoid kit $60 -Flex fuel sensor kit $95 -8AN stainless fuel filter $110 -Fuel lines $500 -Fuel pressure regulator with Gauge $190 -AEM fuel pressure sensor $105 - Stand alone wiring Harness (estimated) $1150 -Misc installation$300 Total $6230 VALVE TRAIN -Gsc S1 cams (pair) $952 -Supertech Double valve springs $565 -GSC valve stem seal kit $35 -Installation $550 Total $2102 MAINTENANCE -Water pump assy $195 -Timing belt $35 -Timing belt Idler $75 -Timing belt tensioner $65 -Front main seal $22 -Rear main seal $35 -Intake lower gasket $20 -Intake upper gasket $20 -ATI balancer assy $370 -Valve cover gasket set $35 -Cam seals x2 $40 -Installation $225 -Misc welding unused water ports and water neck (single turbo preparation) $200 Total $1337 Total Ballpark estimate $11,509-12,000 RonA
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