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My Datsun 240z Restoration

12 March 2017 - 01:22 AM

hello hybridz!


I've finally found my project z! I have some ideas in the direction I want to go but I'm not 100% set on every detail. i still have a lot of work to do before i can ever start making it a drivable car again. i bought it from a guy in chino ca that sells old cars. he had another one for sale but it seemed like even more work then this one. there is rust in the floor pans. it looks like it got repainted and has some serious surface rust but the frame rails looks solid, the battery tray looks good and the wheel arches are still in one piece. i know this will probably take me years because i want to do most of the work my self to learn and to save money. i work at a car fab shop so i have experience building cars and making things work that shouldn't but when it comes to the power train i will have to recruit my friends and local shops. i am really excited to get into my z and make this race car fun again. i know i don't know a lot about zs so if you guys see anything obvious or something that stands out please let me know! i am very open to opinion and critic. i appreciate all the knowledge here and can't wait to build this car with you all!!


http://s38.photobuck...ibrary/six post

there are more pictures at the link 


in the photos is the door vin plate. i have one question, with the production date being 4/71 is it a 71 or 72?

over all shot of the rust bucket as i bought it. 

third photo is the passenger side wheel well as seen from the interior, does any one have any idea as to what this could be?

and last pic is just a shot of the frame rails.