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  1. berton

    Custom Fiberglass Dash

    Any progress on this!?
  2. berton

    Stock wheels

    Hey guys Im restoring my 240 and I have it completely stripped ready for blasting so my garage is full so I need to try and get rid of some things I won’t use. I am curious if the wheels can at lease be sold? And is there anything else that is wanted or needed that is possible to sell to the z community!?
  3. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    So I decided to stop being lazy and get in the garage and removed the gas tank and the motor. once I dropped the tank I crawled underneath and took some photos and hopefully you guys could help me decipher what I see! It looks like there is some welding on the frame rail to the rear bumper/tow hook mount in the first two photos. The next three photos show the rear rails looking almost buckled? is this normal or do you think it could have been hit from the back? not pictured but I saw after my phone died the rear pass rail is separating from the body. so my main question is if I am going to replace the frame rails how do I support the car? The rotisserie would be mounted to the thing i need to replace, jack stand or cart also going to be resting on metal that would need to be replaced? And the last photo almost looks like there could have been a fire?
  4. Those seats are really cool!
  5. berton

    1971 240z rb25det build thread

    I just read all 18 pages and now I feel confident swapping in a rb! We do needs updates when you can!!
  6. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    is there any way to look into these cars history? i am curious if the original color was red or the blue that is on the outside. it came with original 1970s blue and yellow plates and i know they dont have modern 17 digit vin but can i use that to find any info?
  7. berton

    datsun 240z with porsche 911 flares :)

    was the plan always to go blue? the black looked really mean.
  8. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    Ok I also saw this while i was looking at the wheel well. Are these pinches in the rails normal??
  9. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    Thank you again your comment is reassuring! I'll make sure to stay updated with what i do there's just so much help here!
  10. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    I've uploaded couple pictures of the rear end where it look rock have been hit. The inner of the passenger side wheel well. Then the pass c pillar I took some 100 grit to it to a re who whens under he cracked paint and I think what's there's is not good. It looks to have the similarities on the driver side just not as bad. But it looks like the might have replace do the entire rear section? Isn't that thing!? Should I keep going with this rust bucket!!???
  11. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    Thank you guys for the responses! I was in the garage for a few hours earlier today so that I will be posting some more pictures. But I bought it about two weeks ago and I live in socal so that's a yes to the heat. I believe there might have been a hit from the back side the area where the exhaust tip comes out is damaged, and I can see what looks like bondo on the other side, I will post a picture of that shortly! And I appreciate you all pointing out these things that is why I brought my problem or project here! And the area by the tool storage I thought was interesting too, it's like a wave of wrinkles. But thank you guys for your input much appreciated!!!
  12. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    And here are a few of the dog leg
  13. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    I uploaded some more photos. Some of the spare tire compartment, the dash with no dash, inner a pillar has some suspicious looking metal, as well as the c? Pillar on the outside almost looks like it could have been welded under the paint. So if you guys see anything bad or worry some or even want to give me pointers as to where to start first I'm all ears! Thank you guys again!
  14. berton

    My Datsun 240z Restoration

    Thank you guys for the fast replies! I will be posting more pictures later today!