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In Topic: 260z ac install

3 days ago

Thanks for the replies. Conversion to r134a will not be required as there are a few shops here in vegas that have r12 and will service the system. So my gooal is to keep the system running r12. Vintage air would be the easy route but the price tag on it is what led me to look for others that have pieced together their own systems. Ive actually gone and pulled alot from that junkyard and have never had an issue with their parts thats why i wanted to hop on the oppurtinity to pull the ac for that cheap. I may end up just pulling the underhood parts and trying to figure out if other people have pieced together the dryer, evap controls and rest of the dash side of the ac.

In Topic: Looking for spoiler and fender flares

3 weeks ago

Probably should have specified, I have a 260z so I'd need one that could fit my car

In Topic: 240z part out

3 weeks ago

Hey did you already sell the louvers?

In Topic: parting out 1975 280z

4 weeks ago

Louvers or spoiler?