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  1. Pm me what you're hoping to get. May be interested in these.
  2. Im not sure what any of this stuff is worth. L28 stamped n42 on block and head w/ecu. 4 speed transmission. Misc. Parts
  3. Interested in a jim cook racing kit
  4. I'm interested in the mounting hardware for the louvers.
  5. Why can't a find a deal like this in Vegas
  6. Looking for a spare for a custom dash project that I want to undertake so it doesn't matter if the dash is cracked or beat up. Let me know what you got. I'm out in Las Vegas so west coast is preferred to keep shipping down but will consider anyone.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Conversion to r134a will not be required as there are a few shops here in vegas that have r12 and will service the system. So my gooal is to keep the system running r12. Vintage air would be the easy route but the price tag on it is what led me to look for others that have pieced together their own systems. Ive actually gone and pulled alot from that junkyard and have never had an issue with their parts thats why i wanted to hop on the oppurtinity to pull the ac for that cheap. I may end up just pulling the underhood parts and trying to figure out if other people have pieced together the dryer, evap controls and rest of the dash side of the ac.
  8. Looked around and i cant seem to find anything so im posting. If i missed something let me know and i'll delete my post. So im pulling the dash to install digital gauges and decided to take advantage of the dash being off to install an ac system in my 260z. Vegas summers are unforgiving and the junk yard by my house has 2 280zx's sitting around. Called them and asked for pricing and they said if im the one pulling the system they will sell me everything for $52. So im curious if the 280zx system drops right in or if id be better off trying to pull the system from another car.
  9. Long shot but looking for louver mounting hardware. Got some on the window hinged louvers for dirt cheap but they didn't come with the mounting hardware. Before I resort to m3 I thought I'd try and see if anyone has hardware just laying around. The louvers on on the window and would use the hardware that slides under the seal.
  10. Probably should have specified, I have a 260z so I'd need one that could fit my car
  11. Hoping to find a duck tail. If you're trying to get rid of one let me know. Fender flares hoping to go 3"
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