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  1. hx jhm, I just followed up advise from NewZed again, tightened downcomer. Looked up some more internet youtube's how to discover if there is a blown-out gasket. I stated up, with radiator cap of. It started right up again, no smoke, and i could see a flow in the radiator. No signs of bubbles there. After about 30 seconds, white smoke again, which did disappeared after like 2 minutes. Some smoke coming from engine after some time, but felt it was some residue on the exhaust shield. So kept running. No leaks, and all smoke gone. Figure for now, all fine. Radiator was warming up (car was on for about 15 minutes, and i drove a bit), but no change in oil temp or water temp gauges (need to check that). I did just touch the block, valve block and valve cover to see how hot they were. They were hot but i could still touch them, and good sign the radiator was getting warm. Figure, all looks fine for now. Did order gasket set, just in case Was trying to upload some movies... but no luck. What I also did, is open the oil lid, engine changed speed right away and was about to die, so put it back on, and all back again. Seems vacuum system is okay. VID_20200331_173144.mp4 VID_20200331_173144.mp4 VID_20200331_173144.mp4
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