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    Got the car back from paint. Installed the engine and a couple other things.
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    You Murricans can be very superficial , checking out the vendor would be a better indicator than the state of the web site.
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    I still have full vinyl and most of the interior pieces from the series 1 I scrapped. Really only good for patterns for people looking for a restoration sort of job, but most of it is pretty okay. Was gonna sell for like $50 plus shipping. You can have it for the price of some tasty tacos next time you're around and we hang out. Also, for this interested in the car. I've driven it and can confirm that it's a pretty excellent ride. More well sorted in terms of function that most of the Datsun I come across. Period.
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    I assume the quip you're referring to was my message. I assure you, I'm far from a Datsun purist and was not trying to chase him away. It was pretty obvious the person had gotten to the thread via a Google search, and he had not yet gotten a reply. I was simply letting him know that it's possible someone might have an answer, but that if he's looking for something quick and guaranteed it would be more likely found at a Chevy forum. I wasn't saying GTFO, but rather trying to help him get an answer as quickly as possible. **** me for trying to help, I guess.
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    Alright, so we're going to try this again. Utilizing the rusted roof car as a parts car now I was able to find a early 260 that I'm going to use as my project base. It is in WAY better shape as some did a attempt a repairing the floors and there are just a few small rust spots here and there that are repairable. So 240 V8 build take 2.
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    Welcome to the forums, I will say this is dangerously close to skirting the rules there. If you would like to sell your product please feel free to make a thread in the vendor forum. I do wonder if it is some exotic material that justifies the price. That may be information you wish to include in your own thread. If you would like there is even a wind tunnel section that I'm sure would benefit from the data backing up the performance.
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