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  1. Good idea, then i'll trace it on some paper and scan it in to make a digital template for other to use if they so choose.
  2. Does any one have a template on their computers that I can print out to fill in my tail light area? what I mean is as far as adding Vette lights or other aftermarket assmblies. I have seen some people just do a fiberglass panel. I have tried that as well as wood to get the correct shape but I always end up having huge gaps at the ends where it curves. It would be nice to have one that you can just print out and line up to trace onto your desired media.
  3. Thnx MSA sells the ones for the 240's but us 75/76 guys are out of luck.
  4. Do they have a fuel sending unit that will work for us s30 guys? Mine is bad and cant seem to find a viable aftermarket one.
  5. Or there is always this one http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt73726/pd1865902/FULL__IMSA__G_NOSE__BODY_KIT_
  6. 90-96 300ZX seats fit as well. I have also heard of 350z seats.
  7. Looks like a jim cook racing body. check out reactionresearch.com or google 280z yz kit
  8. or you can use lizzardskin. Buck We Miss you!!! Sean got back today!
  9. Cool thanks I'm changing my color scheme anyhow.
  10. Meph beautiful car I love the color on it, was that the tremclad paint? On the flares has any one modded the fronts to fit along with the type 3 spoiler? Wondering how it would look.
  11. thezstore.com for the main ones reactionresearch.com for some more expensive widebody types and searching is your friend.
  12. Awesome write up, only issue is that the color I want only comes in a spray can. How come all the good colors are not available in gallons or quarts?
  13. He had his car done by a local club member and it came out perfect. Not sure what he spent but it was well worth it. The same guy is going to do some work for me when I get the materials and the designs done.
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