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  1. Dudeboy, you have a great idea that ranks right up there with the flares we are all hoping for. That yellow Z car looks fabulous. If you don't mind, let me ask you this:


    Are you talking about steel or fiberglass for those flares that match the bumper?


    What width wheels fit underneath the widest flares avail for the 911, both front and back?


    Do you have any more pictures of these applications?


    This might be the best way to go for the factory look.


    Thanks for any information, John

  2. Well, after a holiday and a computer crash; I finally talked to Les at Classic Datsun. He said he does indeed, have the flare body kit based on the no. 47 Frizzelle car shown in these photos. He has not dealt with the molds or had anything to do with them for about eight years. The last time it came up was for a Japaneese guy and he quoted him 5,000 for the kit. When I got back up off of the floor, I asked him to detail the kit for me. To the best of his recollection, it consisted of rear quarters, flared front bolt on fenders, something like a g-nose piece that matched, hood, rear hatch, and maybe even a whale tail. I told him I felt like most people would just be interested in the rear flares and flared front fender kit because we could get most of the other stuff elsewhere and maybe he might want to come up with a quality assessment and cost for just those separately. He seemed like a busy man but he promised to find out from his fiberglass guy what condition the molds were in, etc. and that if I continued to email him, he would try to answer the cost, availability questions. I told him that we could probably put together an initial order of about 10 sets based on the posts here and elsewhere. My plan is to continue to email him, but the reaction research kit is looking pretty good about now; especially if you blend the rear quarters on with a two inch extra spacing of fiberglass (and maybe a fender vent in the tail) to make them wider. It does not appear that the cost of the ones I really want is going to be any less.

  3. Sorry, I actually had to work today (scary-bad planning) so I did not have the time to communicate with the Les guy yet. I am going to limit my conversations with him to the flares like I had on my old car. For me, reason one is that they look best by far, the molds exist and we know who has them (him), they look more like factory products than any others, and because of these things, probably more people will want them.


    As far as the G-nose goes; it blends directly into the flares (see car #47 front shot here in this thread) because they were made to fit it. I don't care for the 'g-nose myself, so I am going to mold an air dam into the front flares as if it was going to stay on forever, then cut it apart carefully at the proper "joining" point at each end, groom the ends, then add hidden brackets from the rear to make it removeable. Simple, looks perfect, just like I did years ago.

  4. I am in, and in stone, if everything I am now assuming serves to be true. I guess tomorrow I will contact this Les at Classic Datsun and see where he stands with the molds. Maybe Tim can help us "line people up" here somehow in a more sophisticated way than waiting for them to stumble over this thread. Possibly there is a "mass mailing" vehicle to all members concerning a particular subject or something of that nature.


    I am in! John

  5. Well Tim once again bails me out with info. He makes everything so easy. However, I am not interested in the Arizona Z flares anymore if they are sloped down and then out. I don't particularly go for that added on "stuck on the side" look. I prefer an outrageous look that looks as if it was a factory race or experimental car, or something.


    Also, Drsideways must have received his PHD in flares as I agree with absolutely everything he is saying.


    I looked at this new picture of the #47 car, and then went to page one of this thread and looked at another photo of it from the rear (I had been wanting to see the front of it for some time) and have come to the conclusion that the #47 car flares are exactly the same flares I had on my old Z car thirty years ago as shown in my old picture here. As I stated earlier, I bought these from Z Accessory Products (ZAP) like the other member did per his recent comment in this thread. The reason I think these are the same is that they are the only ones that have the upper factory door line flowing onto the rear quarters, as well as, onto the fiberglass "already flared" front fenders. Also, they were supposedly created with the Gnose which I don't like. Also, mine had a complete rear lower door jamb attachment wraparound that made installation very nice, easy to line up and strong. When you added custom fiberglass wheel well arches you could almost jack the car up on them.


    As far as I am concerned, if Classic Datsun (Les) has the molds for these particular flares, provides the quality you guys describe, and they don't cost anything like the YZ kit, then the search is over and I am going to sign up to get a full set. Like I said earlier, my wife only has two jobs now so cost should not be a problem, she could easily get a third. At any rate, if he already has the molds, the sets should not cost much anyway. Sure, sure, and then I woke up.


    Where do I sign?

  6. Oh yes, it is all coming back; Bob Sharp Racing, Bob Lapp, Paul Newman, Peter Gregg (Porsche - Suicide ?), Daytona, etc.


    About NINE months ago I had actually seen a picture of a set of these IMSA flares on the Arizona Z website. I called him (Dave) and he told me that he had the molds for them as well. I did not make a decision to go ahead and start my hybrid Z project until a month or so ago so I called him back and he told me he had sold the molds (and a boatload of other stuff) to a guy named Dan who has a powdercoating business who he thought was a member of this site and might be Canadian, I don't know. This Dan should not be confused with the Dan that has a set of these flares on the rear of his own Z car, has posted on this actual thread, and has a body shop in Arizona (who, by the way, has said he might also be able to make the rear flares for other people if enough customers were interested). If we could identify this other "powdercoating Dan" guy again, we might be able to find out if he is going to do something with the molds he bought from Arizona Z.

  7. That yellow Z with the Porsche flares looks very very classy. These flares are a viable candidate. I also, have researched the steel, as well as, fiberglass Porsche flares and was almost sold except for the rear valence/bumper area, etc. I would love to talk to the owner of the yellow Z to see if he could explain exactly how he accomplished the rear valance area.

  8. Is it just me or are the rear quarter panel flares on this Z merely Ford stepside pickup fiberglass stock fenders (maybe dually). Kind of outrageous whatever they are. If they are Ford pickup, or GM, etc. that would make them about $100 for a perfect set in a salvage yard. They could be done like the old Jim Cook Racing type squared off flares (in back) that had the vent screen at the rear of them. I also think the JCR set with the front squared off flares were just additional Z metal fenders welded on the original front fenders of the car leaving a space to the rear for matching venting with the rear ones. I think the kit was made from molds of these. Maybe another set of these "Ford" flares would work for the front as well. I don't know if I like this look yet, but it is starting to grow on me because of the price. Lose the wing might help. If you know what these are, let me know.




    My thanks to zlalomz for these pictures, as well as, many others.

  9. By the way, I see that you have the little Z insignia on the rear sides of the roof removed, which is what I want to do. Did you switch to an older hatch so the air could escape a different way when you close the hatch. I understand the later Zs had the little opening built into the Z roof side insignias and the earlier Z's had the big grilles at the surface/bottom under the hatch glass for this same purpose. Are any really necessary?

  10. I want it, and I want it now!


    Congrats on the exact look we are looking for. As far as copper goes. Is it the new GM metallic color? I painted a car with that color with white around the bottom and white wheels and it looked fantastic.


    By the way, would you mind telling me what wheels and tires are on the car in that last picture?


    Thanks, John

  11. zlalomz, I would be interested in front and rear sets if you make them also. I have five Z cars now, (three are actually only complete parts cars), but I am even thinking about two Z V8 cars now. One for me and one for my son. Let me know if something breaks on this as I have to drive from Orlando to Minnesota with a trailer so maybe you could ship them to a middle spot (hybrid member) and I could pick them up on that trip. Thanks, John

  12. I just bought a project car and it came with three parts cars. Given time, I will pick them up and offer the parts for sale under the classified section here. They are all 280z models. One is 75, one is 76, and two 78's. Can I assume they are all 5-speeds, and if so, how can I determine the ratios.

  13. First off , thanks for this input,


    For some reason, I assumed all of the 700 transmissions were computerized. I do not want any computers on this car, so to learn that there are 4-speed non-computerized transmissions is great news. Embarrassing that I did not know that. I now understand that 1992 back were the non-computerized GM four speed autos. I just have to worry about the shifting timing and the kick-down.


    My project car came with the JTR manual which, when it gets here, I will follow without fail.


    Although I am going to upgrade some of the suspension parts, it is good to know I am starting off in a safe place with the stock parts and can just go up from there without much hotrodding or unique fabrication.


    I have inside acess to a great driveshaft company here in Orlando.


    I am feeling much more confident now and am only worried about the little things like the mirrors, windows, etc, of which can be a headache, but I am more qualified.



  14. It seems I have read every thread on this website, but with my limited knowledge of conversions, as well as, REAL auto repair; I believe I have finally defined a realistic goal for my son and I. However, it might make sense to see if someone that has ALREADY COMPLETED all of what we will be trying to accomplish, would "bless", via a reply here, all of my decisions listed in this thread/forum.


    The car I want to build for my son is an outrageous looking 1978Z (big flares, etc.), daily driver with a basically stock carbed chevy (simple) small block with only a "sixtys" sounding (bumpity bumpity) cam with flowmasters, A/C and an automatic.


    Is the following correct?

    1) We live in Florida so except for the gas mileage we will be losing, we really don't need the fuel injection with sensors, computers, wiring, etc.

    2) If we prefer an automatic and also because of the carb, I should use a computerized 700 four speed automatic to help in the pursuit of gas mileage we've already lost rather than the three speed non computerized automatic

    3) I should use the JTR install kit for simplicity

    4) I need a large size radiator (rather than thick) with a ford Taurus 2-speed fan, as well as, two small fans in the fender wells to pull the hot air out, in addition to some actual hood vents.

    5) Shorty headers are the easiest and can be purchased for this conversion

    6) I will need to convert, throttle, speedo, and a few other misc items

    7) I will need a new driveshaft and it has to be at proper angle and balanced

    8) The stock 1978 280z rear end will be suitable if we don't hot rod around too much

    9) All the stock front suspension, struts, brakes, etc arre suitable

    10) All the stock rear suspension, struts, brakes, etc are suitable

    11) I want power steering. I put Mustang II power rack & pinion steering on my old Z. Is there a better/easier conversion for a 1978 280z?

    12) The factory a/c system (interior) will work with the chevy a/c parts required in the engine bay if I have special hoses made

    13) I need to improve the windshield wiper speed on any 280 Z

    14) Later, ZX power mirrors will adapt to the door of the 280 and provide the right angle needed as far as cosmetics go

    15) What is the easiest way to do power windows and locks on the 78 280z?

    16) What is the easiest bolt on rear disc brake conversion on the 78 280z?

    17) I need to have the conversion work finished before the body work (assuming it is not in the engine bay, etc


    OK, so I need advice for sure on the three questions, #11, 15, & 16; but can anyone tell me that I am pretty much in the ballpark as far as my goal is concerned. I have already purchased a 78 280Z project car


    Thanks, in advance for anybody's help

  15. I just spent six months researching my Z project; just bought two project cars and three parts cars, lined up the garage to work in, lined up storage for all the rest and was ready to start the decision making process concerning which small block to use and I stumble across this thread. With the wide flares I am hoping to use, that chopped top would look fantastic. Oh no! another decision. I will wait and see how the glass situation works out. Peugeot windshield sounds good.

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