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  1. Ask him if he remembers my car pictured here that originally started with a Z I bought from him that was red, white, and blue. Also, a body and painter guy that worked for him part time named Gary Stephens (moved in from Indianna that had two vettes and a turbo corvair) painted this car in his home garage for me. I watched Bob race Peter Gregg (porsche) in Daytona with a pit pass he gave me. Man what a long time ago. The race car of his that I remember was white with some red on it with the huge IMSA flare/bodykit like mine plus a G nose. When you started it up it would rattle all the windows all over town.


    I would really like to see pictures of his OLD car if possible.

    I assume we are talking about the Bob Lapp that lived in Orlando about 30 years ago.

  2. WRX is supposed to fit well. I used an early eighties Mustang II power rack on my old Z a hundred years ago. The pumps don't matter too much, just make the brackets for one to align it with you belts, hook up the hoses, steering shaft, etc and you got it

  3. Do yourself a favor and contact "Cook's Portable Warehouses". They are basically stick built (just like a house or better) moveable, and come in a lot of sizes including a Barn Loft type like I have. They deliver them as you custom order, can be paid up front or a pay as you go plan, etc. and are cheap. I have a few with bathroom, stained, glass, brass, lofts, cedar, etc. They are great and you can take them with you if you leave. I will be ordering a 14' x 32" barn with loft type shortly.


    They are here on the internet. Good luck.

  4. Zlalomz, you come in and clarify the idea once again with a picture of a perfect example of what is in our heads. You must have an exorbinant amount of Z pictures at your disposal. This is EXACTLY the type of look we are going after and shows exactly the type of application you can do with most any flares; even those sixty's huge Volks Bettle Ferrari type add ons. I prefer this (with a little rounding off) to my old Z body kit.


    Now, remove the wing and add a 3" 3-piece spoiler and you have a great overall Z shape. Can you imagine that Z with a hugely bumpity-bump cam and flowmasters pulled up next to a Viper at a light. I think he would end up writing Lee Iacocca a letter.


    If our my minds weren't made up as yet; They certainly are now. Thanks much!!

  5. I respect everyone's efforts in locating these flares, most especially Dudeboy's for sure; but I think I have decided that the geography, detail, costs, and coordination of the entire project might not meet all of our different expectations, in the end and as a group, and may not collectively work out as well as we need it to.


    Consequently, I think I am going to give up this pursuit and focus on the big new Dodge dually fenders to use as the basis of my body kit, and might start another thread on it as I get more information. They are gorgeous, can be sectioned, can be rounded at the top, etc.; are cheap in junkyards, have cheap wheel well finish pieces. Hopefully they can even be sectioned further and reversed for the front as well. They would have to be blended into the door for the Can Am type race car look even though they might require a large air dam in front and a tall wing in back for consistency sake. However, my son and I's goal is to obtain an outrageous, purely race car look anyway. You can even place vents in the back of the rear flares for this Can Am type type look, which also helps you to not have to blend them into the very rear of the quarter at the exact same decreasing angle. Just chop them off at the end of the car as extended fenders like the old Jim Cook Racing rears and finish them off with vents of some sort like the ones on the top rear sides of the old Volkswagen bus (type 1). I am sure the Jim Cook Racing kit is nothing more than other Z fenders added on and not blended in to the original body lines, but rather run along side them. I think this is why the headlight opening is square in front and the vents were required in the rear, etc. I might have the name of the kit wrong but you guys know the one I am speaking of. The Z supplier in Canada has a drawing of it in his online catalogue. I would blend them into the doors both front and back, if the doors would open properly.


    I know I have minimized it here, but am I crazy? Please let me know.

  6. I am familiar with that kit from a long time ago. It reminds me of the "all business" "Can Am" look. Does anybody remember that very wild white Can Am 280 ZX car with my same stripes on it for sale on Ebay about six months ago? This following statement is a compliment to you! Your kit led me to wonder if the new Dodge Pickup dually flares could be sectioned and molded and/or rounded to flare into the door like your kit has, etc. If you look at them, they are very nice, can be picked up a junkyards, etc real cheap and are factory strong. If I can't get the other flares I want, or I decide not to do the Porsche flares which look great;, I am going to be very creative with a wild, "full race" Can-Am look with a big wing and try to use the dually flares off of a big truck for the rear and a small truck for the front. Chevy has the squared off wheel well openings and Ford and Dodge have rounded ones although the circle looks too big. Great job, great look. I am jealous.

  7. If anyone becomes interested because it fits their own plans, etc.; I for one, would help pay for the trip, gas, etc; I don't know much about laying up molds, etc. so I am not even sure I would loan out my own car even if I had one next door to the guy's shop. However, if we can find someone to do it that is convienient; possibly we should all help them to pull it off in any way we can.


    This reminds me of that time, in the day, when I was talking to the recent (at the time) Penthouse Pet of the month here in Orlando.


    So close, yet so far.

  8. Great job. I am in!! ZLALOMZ is in Sacremento and has a partial car he cut up whose quarter panels have the exact flares already installed on them. I also think he had said he might be interested in getting another set; and free is a good price. He also has two sets ofvery wide fibergalss flared front fenders (see earlier pages of this thread). I will let you carry this ball all the way Dudeboy. I think Clarkspeed here in Orlando is interested in a set as well if I remember correctly. I would probably end up going for at least two, one at a time. Damn, let's make this happen. Tell me what I can do other than order all ten sets.

  9. Hi Mike. I understand your comments. That is why, given the circumstances, each step was completely orchestrated to the letter; We only take calculated risks. For example, while in the mountains, we would go very slowly and pull off many many times at a snail's pace with the flashers on, etc. (Other people were doing the same thing). Nothing had a chance to even get warm, much less overheated. Don't think we barreled down the mountains and then hit the brakes suddenly, at speed, while eating cheetos, or did not stay away from people on the straights. We handled it in such a way as if we were going to sneak a car on a trailer across town very carefully (we have all done that). We just did it for many many miles on a few occassions during the trip. Actually, on the flat surfaces (99%) the car handled exactly like it was engineered to haul it, which was a surprise. The Z had no motor or trans in it, so that helped, and it was steady because it was centered over the wheels on a four wheel trailer. The risks we took were not so much about safety(Atlanta was a bitch); we had that covered; it was about taking so much time and being in other people's way, worrying about the little motor or transmission, and the fact that there are better ways to do it. As it worked out, those ways were not at our disposal the week before school started, etc. I would do it again. It worked out much better than was expected. We conquered this time oriented situation together as a family and will never forget it. Great start for the Z family project. Don't worry, there is a chance that I love my family as much as you love yours, and it probably even shows in my thread.

  10. Good point; I will admit, I really don't have any idea how to do any of the mold work; I was just remembering years ago when some other parts were made with visquine or something between the original part and the mold material. Maybe he has already made some somehow.

  11. I think it is time to make someone a collective offer to build these flares for us or it is never going to happen. I also think we should work out, as a group, some creative shipping arrangements because of the very serious cost of shipping these items also. For example, I live in Orlando, bought another Z car in Minnesota recently. Just before I left to go pick it up, I sold a rebuilt motor and a bunch of new parts to a guy in Ohio. Believe it or not, I left Orlando, last wednesay night 9:00pm with a car trailer (pulled by a Ford escort - don't ask) and the motor and parts with me. The Ohio guy met me in route and picked up his motor, etc. in his pickup and I went on to Minnesota, picked up my car and arrived back home Sunday night a 1:30am. It only worked because it was a very minor road trip for the entire family and we all took turns driving. (We don't get out much) I made enough money on the other parts I inherited in my first Z group purchase to pay for the trip, the Z I really wanted, etc. and kept $2,000 extra. Free Z, free trip and made some money for four days. Next summer I am planning a long road trip from Orlando to Ridgecrest California (where I was born), tour old route 66, etc. and goof off a little in Bakersfield etc. (we like country music). If we can talk Eric Bernstein into making us all sets of flares off of his georgeous car before he sells it; I would be willing to take a trailer, bring a whole bunch of prepaid kits back along my return route where you guys could make little trips to meet me and pick yours up. I don't want to make any money; I just want to get someone interested in making these flares; and the only way that is going to happen is if we order a lot of kits at one time and holding the shipping cost down for ourselves would help us do that. Chipping in for a little gas is a lot cheaper than shipping giant boxes thousands of miles. Let's cut out the middle man. Does anyone here know Eric very well?

  12. For those of you who are interested and have a lot of money; the black IMSA Z featured above on this thread (I believe Eric Bernstein's) which is a supercharged V8 is now for sale on this website under classifieds: hybrid Z's, for $35,000


    Happy motoring.

  13. Well, for what it's worth, I also am a 58 year old wannabe motorhead / bodyshop groupie that could not even figure out how to post my own photo on the site with a computer. Someone had to do it for me. However, prior to that, my first post/thread (Old IMSA Z flare / body kit) explains how I felt about the site then and certainly now. Later, I messed up my first classified ads, etc. and was very frustrated; but learned quickly that it was because I DID NOT READ THE CLASSIFIED RULES before I posted them, like I had read for the generic posting forums. Naturally, I goofed them up. MY fault, end of story.

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