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  1. VKLR

    Joined the club

    Did wilwood front brakes and rear disc conversion a while back. This weekend putting on coilovers, lower control arms, bearings and ARP wheel studs. Up next are new wider wheels and tires.
  2. VKLR

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    The engine in that would be great in your Z. LOL Sorry just kidding,the C-6 Grand Sport is a beast. Sorry you are having delays getting your Z going. The GS should make you forget about the Z for a while.
  3. VKLR

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    I'm glad to see you posting again, i'm sorry for your troubles. I wish I could pitch in and help somehow. If you ever need some obscure bolt or part for an LS let me know I've been saving left over parts from the ones at work.
  4. VKLR

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    Mike your thread and Matt's thread are the two threads I look for whenever i log onto HZ. While Matt has full backing of a race shop you are the average guy trying to achieve above average results. That goes a long way in my book, you are doing it yourself, built not bought. I think the HZ community as a whole would feel a void if you are gone. I'm positive lots of people have benefited from your thread I know I have and I thank you for that and I'll respect any decision you make.
  5. VKLR

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    Fluid in the head bolt holes? Sorry for your pain. Heck it's taken me 2 months to do a simple brake up-grade.
  6. VKLR

    Help me with my sr in san diego

    Check your drive line angles.........
  7. VKLR

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    Back in the 80's at the dealer we would have to rebuild quiet a few CV axles. Back then a complete axle was big bucks, most of the time now days they are cheap and just replaced. Yea the balls........
  8. VKLR

    Joined the club

    Mods done this past year. New seats Bodywork to rear valance panel TTT tow hooks 3.7 CLSD Wolf Creek CV axles Dyno time
  9. VKLR

    build after 24 years

    Great color, I love it. It's only going to look better as you add parts.
  10. VKLR

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    NOOO we cant be worse than the 240SX crowd...can we? LOL I plan on stuff going wrong when things go good it's a bonus.
  11. That is looking good, give us some rim data and expected tire sizes. I don't really want to cut and flare my car either.
  12. OK so I was wrong, you can buy new gear sets.....if you are willing to spend $2,300.00 no not for a whole car, just the ring and pinion gears. http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt43033/pd892771/KAMEARI_R200_Long_Nose_DIFFERENTIAL_GEAR_SETS_
  13. It's my understanding you cant buy new gear sets for the long nose R200 So you may have to find a used unit and get the gear set out. 4.11:1 720 4X4 6/83 to 12/85 - R180 200SX Turbo 1985 to 1986 - R200 200SX Turbo 1985-1998 -R200 (Canada) 200SX Non-Turbo's 1984 to 1988 - R180 Ring gear is stamped with 37:9 Ring gear selection seems slim for the 4.11 3.90 720 4X4 1/83 to 6/83 - R180 280ZX Non-Turbo 1980-1983 - R200 200SX Turbo 1984 - R200 200SX V6 - R200 Ring gear is stamped with 39:10 More of these out there, you might have to go with 3.9?
  14. Hey Matt, first time i've seen this thread on the second page. Any up-dates?
  15. VKLR

    280z sr20det fuel cell questions

    I prefer the rubber mounts for street use. The poly ones lasted two trips and i thought my dash was going to rattle off.