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  1. Looks really nice. I finally have mine back together (2.9L w/ t3/t4 turbo) but it was a huge deal to find anyone to work on these things in our area. Working on suspension and getting the interior back together at this point. Who are you using for your machine shop?
  2. SSR longchamps. Beautiful wheels (size and offsets are great)
  3. Nobody has any info on this. Surely there are people on here that have done the s130 5 lug/axle swap before. Anyways courtesy nissan says the inner wheel bearings are the same the outer wheel bearings and seals are different. I am assuming you would just use all s130/280zx bearings, spacer, and seals and just use the z31 stubs and axles. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lindsey
  4. I hate to bring up an old thread, but it's better than posting another one and everybody just responding search. So here is one for the ol' search button. I was wondering when you did the z31 diff, axles, and brake swap; did you use z31 wheel bearings in the s130 rear arms or do the factory s130 bearings fit the z31 CV's? Frank - anymore info on those solid subframe bushings and those offset bushings up front? Thanks for the info; and the swaps look great. -Lindsey
  5. Has anyone thought of making some metal ones (like an s30 one piece all the way around) that would fit our vehicles. Now that would look good.
  6. I don't see anything on ebay other than the collars. I want a full replacement bushing. If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  7. I just wanted to see what the interest is on splitting a set of s13 solid subframe bushings would be. I'm looking to get some but do not need 4 (just the two for our rear trailing arm set up). I have put together a couple of links for different options. http://www.frsport.com/DIF-10038-Solid-Rear-Subframe-Bushing-Anodized-Black-S13-14_p_15144.html http://www.frsport.com/SPL-Parts-PRO-V2-Solid-Subframe-Bushings-Kit-S13-S14_p_15614.html http://www.frsport.com/Stance-ST2-Aluminum-Subframe-Bushing-Set-Nissan-S13-S14_p_12665.html http://www.frsport.com/Stance-ST-42-Aluminum-Subframe-Bushing-Set-Nissan-S13-S14_p_26421.html I would be willing to split the cost (+ shipping) down the middle. I would offer you free shipping to your door once I receive them. I could also offer to turn them down a bit (as the outside diameter is too large) for a fee. Thank you, Lindsey
  8. Do you know the size or offsets of the the wheels? Looks great. Thanks for sharing.
  9. What color is the interior? I could use some black trim pieces. You could always part out the heating and a/c stuff (behind dash). If it's in good working order people always seem to be looking for that stuff. You could also sell the headlights and taillights (again if they are in decent enough shape). Fenders, hood, if they are not rusted out. Just to list a couple of things. Good luck with the part out and your swap.
  10. Does any of this apply to the ZX's or just the Z's?
  11. They look like centerlines. http://centerlinewheels.com/wheels_detail.php?mw_id=35&sw_id=462
  12. Does anyone have any more pictures of their external gates in the car. I have an old turbonetics Deltagate (huge) and I believe it is going to be too big to fit in between the 90* and the flex plate. The vacuum line sticks straight out the top. I guess my options from here are to weld another piece of pipe that will fit the wastegate down below the turbo (see page 2) or buy a smaller (in physical size) wastegate. Any thoughts, pictures, insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lindsey
  13. Excellent. I thought it was iron for sure. I know to weld on iron it's best to heat up the two pieces before starting to weld so that the filler penetrates enough. I was worried about the weld and/or manifold cracking after miles and miles of use (that is what I meant by pointless). Thanks for the heads up, just getting into the fabrication process of my build. Also, very interesting conversation you are having with Tony on the other thread. I'll have to keep up with both. Thanks
  14. Any updates, or new thoughts on this? I am looking to do something along these lines simply because welding anything to the stock cast iron manifold is pointless and I do not want to go about making my own manifold from scratch. Thanks and love the cars.
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