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  1. Hello! I did an rb25det swap for a 1979 280zx, though I'm having issues figuring out the wiring for the alternator; with the original alt' wires disconnected, you can't shut the fuel pump off/dash lights stay on until you disconnect the battery, I've tried splicing the L wires into the Rb's harness but it still has the same issue. Anyone who's done an engine swap found the solution to this?
  2. Thank you Kenny! Just sent both a message to see who still has what, and I sent you, Aydin, a message as well.
  3. Hello! Looking for an N42, P90 or running l28et around Washington State. For an engine of same value; I have nearly a full LM7/CD009 swap, has a tune just starts and dies, r180/r200 1310 adapters (including new driveshaft and dirty Dingo engine mounts), decided to go back to the L28 instead (or another one of the other engines listed), more info if requested.
  4. Thanks for the reply Richard! Although you have it slightly backwards; Sorry, I should have stated I already have an external fuel pump rated for a LS engine to replace the stock pump (Fuel OUT on the 'vette regulator will have 6AN fittings and braided line to the fuel rail, while fuel IN and RETURN will most likely run the lines you see in the picture with the white fittings). My issue is, safety in mind, with the lines for fuel IN and RETURN both rated at 150psi or higher, would it be a problem if I just pushed both ends directly onto the existing in-tank pickup tube and clamped them do
  5. Hello! First post here, was wondering what everyone used for their fuel setup on their stock tanks. I have a '79 280zx with a 5.3 (l28 saved for a 280z), stuck on what way to get the ls fuel pump to the stock 280zx pickup tube in the tank. Would there be any safety issue if I use a kit like the one pictured and just clamp send/return from the tank directly to the Corvette style regulator, or would that work just fine? Any info would be great, thanks!
  6. Hey Z fans, swapping my built 302 into my Zx (using my 351w as mockup) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to mount the engine. Right now the pan is hitting the crossmember and I'm guessing I need a low profile pan with relocated oil pump? As for motor mounts, I was planning on going with slide mounts since the power steering box is in the way. Anyone who's swapped a ford engine in their zx, your help would be greatly appreciated lol, I miss my Z haha
  7. Hello fellow Z Enthusiasts, I'm at my whits end here from this Darn Datsun. I've got a 1983 Datsun Maxima, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this thing running properly. A-little backstory on the car; The car used to belong to my grandfather, and when he passed away my father inherited it and drove this old girl everyday for 5 years to work, All the way up until the point the engine slipped its timing gear, then it sat for another 7 years until I was old enough to understand cars and not hurt myself while working in the garage. After purchasing a new timing chai
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