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  1. He will be missed. Never met him in person but his advice and knowledge has helped so many people. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I managed to find a suitable head from "The Crusher".
  3. Back from vacation still looking for a spare head to practice on. Willing to pick up or pay for shipping.
  4. Looking for a N42 or P90 head. Looking to practice porting so ok if they are junk heads or warped. Located in San Francisco Bay Area work in Mountain View and live in San Jose.
  5. Sad to hear about this, not too long ago bought sti stub axles from him. Friendly and great to deal with. Will really be missed.
  6. Sorry to revive an old thread but after spending hours researching rear Subaru LSD ratios. There is a lot of conflicting information primarily from people confusing the front and rear final drive ratios. This thread comes up on search a lot and has a ton of views. I wanted to share what I found: Subaru WRX STI rear differentials: 2004 3.90 ratio mechanical LSD 2005 3.90 ratio mechanical LSD 2006 3.545 ratio mechanical LSD 2007 3.545 ratio Torsen LSD 2008 3.545 ratio Torsen LSD 2009 3.545 ratio Torsen LSD 2010 3.545 ratio Torsen LSD 2011 3.545 ratio Torsen LSD 2012 3.545
  7. Managed to source a P90 head thanks everyone.
  8. JoshB pm'd zentech - still can't send you PMs
  9. zentech - Tried to send you a PM with my contact details but your inbox is full.
  10. Managed to source a P90 head thanks everyone. - Please delete. Looking for P90 head (non Hydraulic lifter) for motor build. I am located in San Francisco Bay Area.
  11. The koyorad is an amazing product. I have one in my 240z with L28 at the moment. However it does lack the drain plug. You can get other caps to fit. The other thing to be mindful is you have to cut the upper radiator hose. But it sure does the job and looks amazing. But the stock radiator should be fine for what you are doing. If you really want an aluminum radiator the options you mention should work. As xtreme_240z mentioned some 4 row don't allow for a good fit with the fans.
  12. I have ordered from Fastenal in the past sometimes it is hard to get the correct style and lengths. Also they don't always have the JIS specs (smaller wrench diameter for heads and nuts). They do have the yellow zinc sometimes it looks close other times the washers especially locking type are not very yellow. After comparing some of the prices for new it is often cheaper to buy bolts directly from Nissan if you can find the part numbers. Here is a good reference online for looking up part numbers for the 240z: http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsuns30/DatsunFairladyZIndex/tabid/1543/Defa
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