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  1. My 79 is a GL model with all the bells and whistles....some of which were removed because it did not work any more....the AC, cruise control.....
  2. Diesel flap would be awesome!
  3. You need a fuel pressure gauge inline after the fuel filter somewhere to see what the pressure is. Jegs or Summit have them for about 30 bucks. 0-100 psi.
  4. That z car up there at the top is messed up! Sacrilegious! Who would ever do something so ignorant! What ever, to each their own....
  5. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/30369-looking-for-280zx-roll-cage-pics/page__p__453793#entry453793 this should do it... Those might be pics he SAVED from ELSEWHERE. I might be mistaken in thinking that this is his car. If I am, my bad.
  6. Well this forum is big and I am having a hard time finding your build thread. Ignorance might play into this but do you have a link you can share? Kinda like a short cut....
  7. Nismo, is this your car or is this Skib's car over in Ratsun? These seem to be the only pictures anyone posts of a ZX roll cage. The pictures are identical right down to the placement of the duct tape on the roof to hold the dome lamp wires from falling down!
  8. Looked high and low for ZX specific roll cage pictures. Very hard to find. If anyone is willing to help, please post them here. Looking for placement, fitment, options and ideas. Thanks!
  9. How much money do you have? L28 turbo works just fine, costs less, and horse power is adjustable...no boost....10 pounds of boost!
  10. Very impressive work. Are there some engine bay shots that we can peep at?
  11. Looking through this build is quite inspiring. How long do you think that JB Weld will hold?
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