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  1. Got the z back on the road after a 3 year tear down. I have been driving it fairly easy for about 100 miles, put it up on the lift and found a small leak on the rear of the transmission, didn't think much of it, thought it might be coming from the speed cable. well... I took it out last night to do some tuning and beat on it pretty good, pulled up to the house looked underneath the car to find gear oil everywhere. I got up today to investigate and I found the top of the vent cap is broke off. I am going to put a new vent cap in first before i go pulling the trans and replacing the rest of the seals. My question is has anyone had this issue? I have searched but I only found a vent issue related to a diff. I will post my findings after I install the new cap and put a few miles on it.
  2. OK! I figured it out! My problem was that the engine was not grounded properly. It was actually grounding itself through my autometer coolant gauge( mechanical). I know this because i cooked a few gauges and i could not figure out why. I hooked up a big 0 awg wire from the trans to the body and the tach signal was perfect, fired up within a second (coolant at 80*f) repeated a few times just to make sure. I know this is a simple thing, but it is something that gets over looked. I hope this helps someone.
  3. I am also having this issue, all new wiring, ms1 v2.2 board L28et with the 82-83 trigger wheel, single coil with msd 6al. I have noticed the tach signal jumping around a bit when starting. It will show 0 then 70 then 800 before it even starts. once it starts it runs like a champ. I have messed around with the pw in the cranking settings, installed new plugs, new coil, still no luck. Has anyone solved this issue?
  4. Still in the process of cleaning up some things but here it is.
  5. ha ha, no joke i just had that happen to me, some guy explained to me that the 300zx came with a v8 in the late 80's, i do wonder how these ppl get their info. prob heard it from some guy that heard it from some other guy.
  6. i am running a sumular set up with a t3/t4 turbo i will try and post some pics, basicly what i did was take 2 t3 flanges and about 2 inches of square tubing, welded them together, i welded one side to the exhaust manny, then tapped the other side to bolt up the turbo i am also runnin a external w.g. tial 38mm, i just cut a hole in the side of my spacer then welded a pipe roughly 3 inches long, then welded a flang for my tial
  7. well this is an on going topic between me and my ex, she didnt like the name i gave my black 280zx blak betty, so she calles it cat women she named my blue 280zx "spaz" because it would always catch on fire, i didnt agrue with that one as much the baby blue 280z is named "scarlet" most people call her "the Beast" every car deserves a name, it gives them Character
  8. happens to me everytime i wash my engine bay, and no it will not damage it.
  9. thanks moby, now as far as the msd 6a goes i have the orange and black on the coil and the F idle from the ms box going into the white signal wire on the msd i take it that is correct?
  10. ok so i am trying to install ms in my 280z with the 81 l28et. question is how to get the ms to work with my msd 6a i have the 81 cas with blank dizzy, ms1 v2.2 board WITH OUT the relay board i know this topic has been discuessed but not with my particular set up also do i need to jumer xG1 to xG2 with the ms1 v2.2 board or is that just for the 3.0 board?? i have searched and searched but cant seem to find right way to wire it please help!!!!
  11. so just how tight can you tighten up the spring on the afm without breaking it???
  12. ok i tightined the spring in the afm and got my fuel pressure up around 50psi but i think i am still runing lean, doesnt feel like it is pulling as hard as it should with 13psi of boost, and i cant really tell if i am detonating cause it gets a little noisy with an open down pipe. Tony, i did mention i had a fuel pump from a supercharged v8, and i am runing it staight of the alt. (with a relay of course). so i should be ok there
  13. stock efi, i put the stock fpr back on, just to see if it was my fpr actin up, same prob, i will try adj the spring in the afm to see if that solves the prob. thanks for the help!
  14. i just got my 77 280 back on the road, well it running, sounds amazing, now i just have to figure out how to make it go fast, without blowing anything up, my setup (as of now) stock 81 block, 300cc injectors, t3t4 turbo, 38mm tial wg set to 13psi, fp from the chev ss turck, adj fpr, ic with 2in pipes, bov, for some reasone i cant get my fuel pressure past 25psi without bogging the motor out? and i am thinkin 25psi is not going to cut it for 13psi of boost. my question is what would be causing me to run so ritch at 25psi at the injectors? being since stock is around 35psi?? any advice would be great
  15. i just picked an 81 l28et with that same setup running 8 300cc injectors out of a non turbo supra, with a 7fb, now i just have to figure out how to wire it back up in my 77.
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