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  1. So what is the torque on this beast?and at what revs? the Vvt on the 1J halved it's max torque figure. Mine is downright scary in the wet, a little to much throttle and it does figure 8s.:burnout:

    well my max troque's right around 3800 but I'm n/a for the moment. give me a few more weeks and maybe i'll have a dyno on a turbo setup

  2. No' date=' Its definately a 5 speed,and $7500 is a bit much for the package, early floater brakes as well.He knows what he's got, just hopes no-one else does.

    The 1J Vvt, is a beast,the single (bigger)turbo , combined with the Vvt gives it max torque 378Nm at 2400rpm (RB26Dett is 353 Nm).I have never found out what the 2JZ Vvt torque figures are, but they must be frightening.

    The down side of the conversion is weight,Be prepared for this when considering the conversion, does not bother me as car is street cruiser, Mine tips the scales at 1290 Kg,(2838lbs)will hit 1300Kgs when I get the air back in.But even if you were building for track, the weight increase is leveled by the huge power.

    Balance is 53% front, 47% rear.Engine mounts moved to off the rails behind the strut towers. disappeared the original mounts from the crossmember which made it easier to set up a 2 turns lock to lock power rack.

    If your car is intended for the street, you definately do not need to go to the extra cost of a 2J.

    Both engines are real easy to transplant,(wire-up is a bit of a nightmare)[/quote'] my supr'a a 2jz with vvt-i head ;)

  3. I've been lurking on this thread as well' date=' waiting for the outcome. I too was under the same belief that the MKIV TT never came with a 5-speed. Thanks for the confirmation.

    BTW, do you guys think that the R154 would last behind a 700+rwhp 2JZ, or would the only option be the V160... just thinking about options down the road, should I decide to go back to slamming gears in the Zupra :-)[/quote']

    In a 3400lb supra your pushing it. in a 1000lb lighter Z you might pull it off as long as you arnt dumpign the clutch on hot slicks. there are some things that should be done to the R154 if it's out of the car. like changing the shift fork that likes to break and a few other small things.

  4. When they priced their build motors' date=' i think there talking in about using top notch parts for the build up more likelly titanium con-rods and high end pistons with some crazy balanced crank. I think just parts for the build up will probably run around 20 to 25 grand and then there is alot of machined work involved so that will be the rest of youre bank account.


    I am thinking there is no way that this would be a dailly driver unless you could change youre clutch like every 2 months if not even earlier then that.[/quote']

    I know a few guys around here in the 800 900 range and their cars are streetable. there's been guys to break trhe 1000hp mark on stock interals. but really if you start out with something liek the hks stroker kit $8,000. crank rods pistons (this is the same stroker set titan used to max out the dyno in vegas which i think was 1400+ hp and 1000+ ft/lbs the machine work for 1/2 head bolts $1000 than turbo, dp, head gasket, manifold, ic, the most you're going to spen is 7 grand but i guess you could spend 10. after that it's about 2500 in fuel and engine managment and to top it off a true dyno tune for $600-1000

  5. no n/a six speed. and no 5 speed turbo in a mk4. thats why i want the link. if it exists.. its not a factory built car. ive seen people in japan/uk/aus/nz where the parts are more available use 5spds and 1jz bellhousings to put 2j motors into cars that came na... but no factory built 5spd TT mk4 exists as far as i know. I didnt want to be as brash as just telling you that youre wrong which is why i ask for the link. id like to see what made you think it exists or maybe its a chance for me to learn something about some supras that were jdm market only.... but i know quite a bit about those cars. its what i mess with day in and day out. Z's are just a personal thing for me' date=' i like the supra z because its a supra that weighs 2300lbs. which is fun. but im a supra guy 1st. so thats why i want a link. i dont want to be an ******* but id like to either educate or learn.. depending on whats going on.


    and yah... ive been on SF forever. same name over there.[/quote']

    stalker roflwtf.gif nice to know I have something in common with someone on here

  6. all 93.5 on up are six speed or auto.. no 5 speed on the turbo 4th gen. the na 4th gen supras use the w58... much weaker than the r154. your a lot better off with the r154. the v160 is cool' date=' but the r154 fits almost perfect and the v160 is expensive, under normal circumstances its not gonna be any stronger than the 154, and your going to have to mod the shifter linkage.. which isnt a big deal but im pretty sure your gonna have to pound the tunnel.


    r154 is the mk3 turbo 5speed. The w58 is also what comes in the Soarers after 92. use a bellhousing and flywheel from a 1jz a70 car with the 2jz and be done.[/quote']

    I'm with stupid as we'd say on supra forums :)

    this guy knows what's going on. i also think in the later years they may have used some kind of 6speed in the N/As but i can't confirm this. yet I do know theresa v161 with a taller first and second gear.

  7. ok so im looking at different types of engine set ups for my 260z. i recentley saw on ebay that they were selling JDM 2JZ-GTTEsupra engines with the stock five spead tranny. so i was wondering will the stock tranny fit in my 260z. what modifcations do i need to make. such as drive shaft,were the shifter will end up, how to mount it, and if anyone knows how to make an engine mount. thanks[/size']

    If it's got a 5speed it's not from a supra it's from a arreo or however it's spelled. which makes some parts on it a little more difficult to find. as long as you're looking for under 500-600hp you';; be fine with that tranny and motor.

  8. Well' date=' since I'm a Tech a BMW, if you ever need an rebuild kit, I get it at cost so, you could save a few bucks.


    That I'll have to check.




    The only thing though, is that these heads are equipped with vannos and Mr vannos does'nt like to be downshifted, thats why he does'nt live in any M houses.


    We've had quit a few engines that lifted the whole vannos, valvetronic,cams, rocker.. assembly after a hard downshift (usually accidental) and THIS, costs really big bucks.[/quote']

    so i can't downshift? and i thought I saw v12s that were 5.4 liters.

    I dunno the v12 is a wow factor indeed. but the toyota is tried and true.

    I'd still love to build up a v12 but I'm not sure my economy is there.


    yet it would be nice to pull up on a supra buddy and say. you got a i6? really? So do I.... Two of them!

  9. Well firt it's 600 "flywheel" horses' date=' aprox. never dynoed.


    Second, the turbo is not srock, I'm not sure but I think it comes from an euro S8.


    Third, The most cheap tricks are a manual "ballvalve" boos controler for the externall wastegate "internal one we welded shut" another one for the boost line that goes to the computer so this way, we can trick the wastgate actuator and the ecu into tinking it's NOT making boost thus spools up to like 20psi.


    Fourth, we reflashed the computer with an map from an euro S4 witch makes way more power than the american version and as a bonus no speed limitter.


    Fifth, there is a connector somewhere under the pass. side carpet witch just loops the 2 wires comming out of the harness, you remove this and BLAM! more free power, i'm not sure what it does exactly but, we read this on an S4 board and we tried and it does work.[/quote']

    my honda civic makes 600hp. you knnoe 120ish base hp plus 10 for intake, plus 40 for exhaust and headers, plus 50 for porta n polish my 50shot of nitrous and my new spark plus say they will give me 50%more power so that's like got to be 600 hp right?

  10. seem to remember bmw v12 motors are completly computer controlled -

    throttle by wire. the lil actuator motors tend to have problems aftwer awhile.

    a custom intake-throttleboddies and megasquirt setup would be reccamended.

    Parts would be expensive' date=' tintake and exhuast manifold gasgkets prone to leaking I also seem to recall.

    The size is about 5.0 to 5.6 liter. 2 valves per cylinder.

    Easily get more bang fer buck with an chevy ls1 build.

    The 12 cylinders are very smooth running however.

    oil pump n pickup need to be relocated and or new frame connector made.







    was looking at buying a bmw 850 for a commute cruiser till I found out they

    are made for midgets only. (nobody over 5'7" :( I am 6'4")

    prolly a good thing since they take a few grand a year to maintain.



    I feel ya man I'm 6'7"

  11. While I do not want to sound negative' date=' skeptical or paranoid, unless someone was selling a BMW V12, ECU and 4-spd auto for $900 because it is "hot" or to get their next fix, I would be skeptical. I do not know much about the BMW fuel system either, but do think a bad fuel pump can cause one bank not to work unless each bank has an indepenent fuel pump.


    Make certain the "WOW" is not "WOW, it is gonna cost how much to make it work?"[/quote']

    the v12 hasa fuel pump for each bank, a distributor for each bank, and a computer for each bank, than another comuters conencting both together

  12. talk about inspirational. last night i watched all of your videos. wow I'm stoked!


    I just now found out there are little contentments behind the seats thanks to your video :icon44:


    the videos were great and I think I'm going to start my own video soon of my project.


    but the calvin's pissing on the supra name was unnecessary *adjusts his supra hat*

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