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  1. Nope' date=' torque converter is fried. I have not had the time to pull the drivetrain to ship the converter out. I hope to get to pulling it in a couple of weeks...


    back to topic guys :P

  2. yeah sure any partswould be great. i was also thinking about using the TH400 but my problem with that is i want a daily driver and that 3speed is not as happy on the highway as i'd liek it to be.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention. the block does not have an oil pan, alternator, or A/C compressor. the A/C compressor I'm not worried about because i took out my whole HVAC system. and i was even looking at a dryslump pan but in the end i may have to make a custom one to fit it into the Z.

  4. where did you find it so cheap?

    someone on supra forums did a full TT motor swap with 6speed and 6speed rear diff. He just wanted it out of his garage. and since I told him I'd take most of what he was selling he let me talk him down :) I still have to go pick it up. and it's a bit of a trip i was thinking about renting a truck and making a road trip of it.


    also he has the rear diff and axles for sale. don't think i'd use them but i might.


    Oh it is a 4speed auto tranny but they can be built or i can always get something different for it

  5. I've heard of a few people doing this. I've never seen anything to supportthat the 1jz head flows better but i think it's not as strogn and more prone to blow.

    as for manifolds they make a few N/A turbo manifolds. I even saw HKS twins on a JDM VVT-I supra before. DaveH has a 9sec (is i'm not msitaken) 1/4 NA-T supra with a HUGE GT4something turbo i think he's stepping up from the GT42.


    my friend kirk has a NA-T with 1000cc injectors, AEM, and a SP76

  6. well with most of the TTs already single and all the IS300s and other 2jz-ge (no turbo) engines out there they have a large support for the N/A head. in fact they have a clubna-t (dot com) just for people turboing N/As.

    I'm not sure if i'm going to install the oil squerters but I have a set of Stock TT pistons and rods which have been proven to hold up to high hp. even hitting over 1000hp!

    I want to use the vvt-i head because it's not done very often. and I've spent a LOT of time researching this and i think i know how i'm going about it. So i should have the hp of the big boys not that I'm shooting for 1000hp but what i'm really aiming for is torque and spool. I hate these supras with 800hp but only have power after 5,000rpm.


    should be fun and it would be great to take down guys with their own motor :)

  7. So I just put a down payment on a 98 N/A 2jz out of a supra. with 60k miles.

    Why you ask?

    well i got a deal! $650 for engine, tranny, ecu, and wiring. if the hybrid Z fails i can always put it into my 98 supra.


    why am i putting this motor in the Z and not the supra? well emissions in CA for the supra stand so a fat turbo's a pain to deal with. and the 240Z i have is a lot lighters.


    I also know a loud about these motors and even already have some parts i need to turbo it.


    so do you guys think I'm crazy or can i get a Go for it man?


    lastly what will i call it?

  8. Haha. I'll be nice.


    Nissan never made an l28 aluminum engine block. They were all (cast?' date=' forged?) iron blocks. The only main piece of the engine that would be aluminum is the head/valve block.[/quote']

    cast very cast

  9. Doubtful. Toyota announced that they're pulling out of sport car market and focusing on hybrid vehicles

    yeah i know. and i know all about the supra i followed it because i have a 98 supra. they pulled the MR2, the 4teack celica, and the supra. the only cars that are worth buying. (not that their trucks arn't bad)

  10. Several of us over at Lextreme are doing projects now with this motor and planning transplants in our 2JZ-GTE Supras and other platforms. The American market is now discovering this motor' date=' and they can still be had cheaply on eBay as you've discovered. The Aussies and Kiwis are about 10 years ahead of us, and most of the go-fast parts and swap adaptors are available from there. They've put this motor in kit cars, boats, and other platforms.


    There were two basic versions of this motor, the pre-98 style which has a right side facing intake, and the 98 and after style which has a front facing intake. Both styles have narrow valve angles (about 22 degrees), and both have the six bolt mains. The location of the sumps for the crankcases varies, depending on which car the motor comes from, but it's the same basic motor whether it's in the LS, GS, or SC400.


    The older style motor is far more plentiful and is what most are using for projects. These are the $500 eBay motors. This motor has a dizzy and a coil for each bank of cylinders, but does have the crank and cam sensors necessary to go full sequential direct fire. These motors have very thin liners, so overboring isn't an option for getting more displacement. Some have looked at relinering, however no one's actually done it yet. Stroking is in its infancy, and the hot rodders are just now starting to mix & match to see what works. Myself, I'm doing a Supra conversion with one of these motors and will have an Eaton M112, pressurising it to about 10 psi.


    The newer style 1UZ is a VVTi motor, and it does not have as strong a set of rods as the older style motor. The dizzies were eliminated, and a full COP, sequential ignition was provided. Several people in the US are doing turbo projects with this motor, but are going with beefier aftermarket forged rods and pistons.


    Here is the "family tree" of UZ's:


    1UZ: 4.0 litre all aluminum V8 in Lexus only


    2UZ: 4.7 litre, aluminum heads, cast iron block Toyota trucks only


    3UZ: 4.3 litre, all aluminum, Lexus only


    4UZ: ???? rumored to appear soon in the next "Supra"


    I invite anyone interested in learning more about this very potent motor to join us at www.lextreme.com.




    the long awaited 06 supra?

  11. I was thinkign about swaping one in my supra. than I said *$ the supra motor swap my Z's lighter. I'm weighing a 1uz, vh45, or LS1. If i can find a 1uz cheap enough I'd fgo for it the only thing i don't like is using the toyota 6speed. great F*ing tranny but way over priced now and very hard to find

  12. Well i'd put it in mostly stock for a while than after i break whatever wants to break like axles and diffs I'll get everything built up and fixed than go for power. i know the LS1s can get 25-28ish on the highway with the 6speed. and my buddies sr20 240z gets about 25-30. So just wanted to know. thanks for the help

  13. I've been compairing the RB to the LS1 and it's come down to price i guess. if i can find a good RB cheap I'll go for it. a few questions

    Is $3300 a fair price for a full R33 front clip? (no gauges) also what kind of gas milage does not 20 and 25 get?

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