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  1. I found a L28 turbo but saddly the head was already yanked however the vlave cover that says TURBO on it was their. the intoake manifold and exhaust with turbo.


    also found a 300zx (first gen) turbo complete car.


    I was wounding if anyone was interested in anything. I can pull the part and ship it.


    not sure what prices are on everything but they only wanted about $15 on the valve cover. it's just a solvent tank and powder coating away from being very nice

  2. Not to diss' date=' but why would you want the turbo to stick out the hood? If you did that I'd get a nice coffe can to use as a muffler!:twak:


    Anybody want some RICE.[/quote']


    well anyways it's the same consept as taking air though the headlight.



    It's good for some forced air into the turbo and 10-15hp under the right conditions

  3. I used an aluminum flywheel on my L28 back in the 80's.... cost me a pretty penny back then, but if you ignored gas mileage, it was a lot of fun and made a great combo with the Centerforce clutch, peppy engine, and 411 gears I had. I pulled the tranny after something like 30,000 miles and everything was in pretty good shape, considering. I really beat on that car, but you couldnt tell by looking. The only thing that I remember being an issue was I had to relearn my shifts with that combo, between the stiff clutch, and the revs falling almost as fast as a motorcycle does, it just about made you into a speed shifter.

    that's when youl earn to get on the gas a little before letting out the clutch

  4. What I see in those pictures is a possible source for the illusive long input shaft. Z-monster, can you measure the diameter of the axles that have been cut? If they are the same as the z31 turbo axle which are still available, the inner CV can be swapped onto the z31 shaft for a VLSD axle assembly. All of the VLSD R200's from Q45's and M30's could now be used!


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