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  1. It looks great!!!

    You are so close to being done.

    I found out it isn't so much the radiator as it is the airflow through it that determines cooling temperatures. Even in 100 degree weather I have no cooling problems with the Taurus 2 speed electric fan.


    In response to your post about fearing for my life...I'm good' date=' now that the NHRA has blessed my new roll cage with certification down to 7.50 in the quarter mile.:-D So obviously, regardless of how fast I run I will never be harmed.


    200+ into a wall still might hurt

  2. I can't think of the words i want to use but they will come to me later and i'll edit this


    Mig high metal output (you put down a lot of wire) lower heat induced

    tig less metal more eat induced more likely to warp.


    I still like Tig over mig whenever i can. i like the cleaner look. but you still got to mig sometimes

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