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  1. Just got caught up on the last two years of this build (last 8 pages or so). My head hurts. . .
  2. Hi there, I'm from Dayton and just purchased my first z. Trying to find other locals, know of any meet-ups or clubs?

  3. I thought James said he sold the car to someone in the Tampa area and has never heard from the owner . . .
  4. I could be wrong but that looks very much like an rb26 intake manifold. Looks as though someone has adapted it to the L.
  5. Hey I'll see ya in a few days . . . dont blow it up before I get there.
  6. And that was back in '91? Some hippie surfer has probably grown his own wetsuit by now!
  7. Well at least it sounded good, hahaha.
  8. haha, good stuff Scottie. I'm sure you'll get it dialed in. I'm in FL for 2 more weeks. You planning to run again? I'll come up.
  9. Sweet runs J. Thats a fun finals to watch right there. Look forward to seeing you run today at DNI . . . oh wait. HAHA.
  10. Well the Z didnt get done in time but I'll bring the KA-T S12 again (who knows if it'll go down the track). I will shoot for friday afternoon as well. Austin, glad to hear you're coming down!
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