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  1. I am using oem seats removed from a 97 pontiac sunfire. They fit very well,without raising the seat base height. I`m sure that`s not much of an issue if you are under 5`, but i need all the headroom I can get. With only slight modification to the track with a rotary cutter, they can accept the stock s30 seat track.
  2. The alfa romeo 164l has oil coolers with small 6 or 8 inch thermostatically controlled fans on them. the alfa`s share many components with volvo so that may be another place to find them since 164`s arent exactly common.
  3. I have been sitting in the background for awhile, quietly observing the whole aero,cooling dilema. I`m somewhat concerned with some of the things that I`ve done but encouraged by others. here is the rundown of what i have accomplished so far. 1. shaved drip rails 2.shaved marker lights 3.shaved sail panel vents 4.3.5" cowl induction hood 5. whale tail 6.installed fiberglass MSA front and rear bumpers 7.cut out the inner fenders behind the strut towers 8.installed Z28 heat extractor vents in front fenders 9.headlight covers(yet to be installed) I am in the process o
  4. The single most common mistake made by a first time engine builder is impatience. Slow down, take a deep breath and read,read and re-read. Then come here, ask a few more questions, and go back and read some more. The links that grumpy posted are there for a very important reason. The information contained there is imense. If you want max torque then stroke it. i`m not sure where you aquired your crank and pistons, but if they could be returned for credit towads a stroker kit that is pre balanced, that`s what i would do. A good set of aftermarket heads is a must, as well a
  5. I`m pretty sure a HybridZ sanctioned build is out of the question after what happened last time. BUT... that doesn`t mean that it couldn`t be done privately. I would love to see a "REAL" hybrid with a v8 as the hybridz founding fathers intended. I know the thought of a 500hp 4cyl sounds cool and all, but why not a 1000hp 8cyl? After all there is NO REPLACEMENT for DISPLACEMENT.
  6. Parallel park your car with the left front tire against a curb to prevent it from moving. Then have a friend attempt to turn the wheel left to right while you watch all of the joints in the steering system for movement. Check the u-joint in the steering shaft from the column, check the splines where the shaft couples to the rack, check the tie rod ends for ANY movement in the joint, and check the lower ball joints for ANY movement. I wouldn`t drive this car anywhere until you get this problem figured out. It sounds like a potentially deadly to me. I would hate to see the offendin
  7. HHMMmm??... I never figured cubans as big brandy drinkers.
  8. I empathize with you. We went through a major home garage fire in feb 92. When it was over, all I had left was in a laundry basket in my car. keep close tabs on your ins co. They WILL screw you if they get the chance.
  9. If your eyes feel tired after welding for a short time. either your lens isn`t dark enough, or it`s not switching fast enough. I need to invest in a better auto-dark helmet for tig. My cheap swap meet helmet is fine for mig at lower amps, but i don`t think it`s dark enough when I tig.
  10. i wish I had the nerve to change door handles. Those look MUCH better than the stock handles, and would match well with the shaved markers,drip rail,antenna,ect that i`m doing. I guess my fear is not getting them to operate properly. I`d hate to screw up a perfect rust free pair of doors.
  11. Has anyone considered putting stoppers at the outside corners of the hatch to insure that the hatch stays level? One could probably use the same stoppers that are used at the rear of the hood. This would create five points of contact. It might also make it easier to keep the hatch seams and gaps aligned for those of us who are interested in those types of nit-picky details. I may do this myself since the whale tail might have a tendancy to make the hatch flutter at speed.
  12. are you sure the car wasn`t hydroplaning? I`ve also had similiar problems with worn out front struts.
  13. I`m "only" 38 and i can remember .50 gas, .10 hershey bars, and cartoons WITHOUT a message.
  14. you have the reciept from when you bought them, and he has NO reciept. Tell the weasle to have them back to you by noon tomorrow or you`ll press charges for theft.
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