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  1. It probably needs to have a new fuel map. Call Rick, or Norm at affordable fuel injection, they would know. Norm will do a remap I think 3 or 4 times, it comes as part of the cost of the kit.
  2. Has anybody seen or heard any more about this dash. I'd like to see them make one for a 260/280.
  3. I'm getting ready to do power windows in my 260 now that is it almost done with the total restore. Has anybody else done this and how well dose it work, any problems with the way it rolls up and down or motor touching anything. thanks
  4. I will try, I have a had time doing pics
  5. I mounted the regulator on the fire wall near the heater hoses. I the fuel lines in the same place the factory did, I made new rubber insulators so the fuel lines would fit. I did my fuel lines out of -8 steel braided so I had to make an extra rubber block to hold the return line, I put it in between the factory ones and used a steel tie strap to hold it in place.
  6. I'm doing Rick's kit now and it is great. I've got a lot of it done, but the car won't be running for a few months. I'm in the process of putting the car back together after a complete tear down to metal. the kit itself is done very good, I had affordable fuel injection do my dizzy so the computer can control the timing. I also mounted most of the sensors on the air cleaner backing plate so I had to lengthen some wires.
  7. That is how I feel, I can't Imagine how it could be wrong. I'm going to take it apart Sunday, just got too much going on. I was hoping someone else has had this problem or some insight. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info. It moves in and out just like it should, it only moves back and forth (or up and down) 2 inches total. I think it should move like 5 or more inches, no matter what I'm going to pull it apart. What I don't understand is the inner cage will move but the race on the shaft and the outer housing will not move,
  9. Ok, let me try to be clear. The inner cv only moves 2 inches in either direction at the outer cv, it does not move much at all. Has any body had this problem? I'm going to take it back apart but both are dong the same thing and don't understand why it is doing this.
  10. I don't think I could have got the outer cage backwards, I just can't imagine what I did wrong. I know I'm going to have to open it back up, some insight would help. Thanks
  11. So has anybody had this problem before. I'm not sure what I could have done wrong, some help would be appreciated.
  12. I know that it doesn't go in and out but it articulates very little. I'm not sure what I did wrong but when I put it together the cage moved fairly easy, the balls went in good.
  13. I have just done a rebuild on a set and it seems like the inner cv does not move very much, it will move some but it does not seem to move like I think it should. Anybody have some advise. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply. Is that kit a good one or not, I don't want to get something and in 10000 miles need to rebuild it.
  15. I'm finally getting to put my 260 together after 10 years. I have the fuel system, suspension and all new brake system in. Now I need to go through the early 5 speed I have. I'm going to pull it apart and see what it looks like because I got it out of pick and pull 7 years ago, if I need to rebuild it who has a good kit? Thanks
  16. I have not put it on yet, I have just test fit it at this point. I can take some pics and try to post them tomorrow. It is fiberglass
  17. I would be mad. I got a front air dam from them in fiberglass and it was very well done, it was packaged very good and fit much better then the msa one that I was going to use. It did take a long time to get. I might try them again for a fiberglass dash.
  18. primeral, do you have any updates yet, can't wait to see how it fits. Thanks
  19. Hi chaos, I have looked at their website and it looks like they only make them for a 240.
  20. Wow that dash looks great, I can't wait to see how it fits. Thanks for the pics. I was thinking about going with the carbon fiber one but I think I'm going get the fiberglass one and wrap it with leather too.
  21. Hi primeral, It's great to here, I was impressed with the way they packed my airdam. Let us know how the dash fits and do you have any pics?
  22. I got my airdam from retrospec today, It looks great! It fits much better then MSA one I have, matches the fenders and parking lights much better. Anybody get there stuff yet let me know. Thanks Larry G.
  23. So has anybody got there stuff from retrospec yet? If so what do you think of it?
  24. I can't wait to hear what you think about the dash. I just heard from them also, I'm getting a fiberglass airdam
  25. I like the way that looks. It seems that the top is done with something and I like it. Any details on how much and do they make it for a 260/280?
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