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  1. ugh just reading this now.. RIP thanks for all your help
  2. I knew I was on borrowed time. I was honestly thought the diff would have went first.
  3. I snapped my passenger side stub axle last weekend. I'm making more horsepower and have been running them since 2011. It was from a second gear pull. Driver side looks like it's twisting. I'm running a ls1 on street tires. I'll see if I can upload some pics later.
  4. This.. so much, thought it would be a quick install. Nope, running the wire lock was a pain!!
  5. I've burnt too many plug wires on these headers. Finally was able to fit the oem metal cover on cylinder 5. So far so good, but i'll probably end up burning this one out too. lol
  6. Love old bugs, wife wants our next project to be one... except she wants a vert. lol
  7. Driving from Chicago to zdayz in nc I averaged about 28 on the way there. Slightly less on the way back.
  8. I'm running toyo t1r 245 /45/16 with a ls1 swap. They are pretty decent tires, still lose traction in first but they grip in the other gears as long as its dry.
  9. That's what I do with my fuel pump relay. What i want to do is something like this. http://gizmodo.com/5691724/how-to-track-your-vehicle-on-the-cheap
  10. Mine seeps, But it's only seeping and I think it might be more trouble then what it's worth. I have a new seal but I'm not sure if im going to do it. It's not dripping but i know it's leaking I can see the resdue.
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