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  1. Good afternoon guys/gal, I just wanted to put this out there to see if you guys have a moment to spare to show support on my build. Round 1 of the pasmag tuner battlegrounds. Please take a short moment to vote for my z. Let's see if we can win this! Please share One vote per 24hr. You can vote again tomorrow! Really simple, click the link, log onto Facebook, and click the yellow star and your done! Voters has an opportunity to win an assortment of items from pasmag. http://tunerbattlegrounds.com/competitors-list/1167-richard-madlangbayan
  2. They are interchangeable. You can probably pick one out from the parts store. Nissan 300zx should work.
  3. These is exactly what I was planning to do!
  4. I'm still looking for these if anyone has them. Bump!
  5. Do you have the whole thing or just the mount?
  6. Yes bro I'm still looking for one if you have it. How much do you want for it? Shoot me a pm. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for a complete 79-81 280zx distributor and base mount. If you don't have a distributor and only have the base I will buy that by itself. Let me know what you got thanks.
  8. You need to worry more about the core instead of the size. I've ran ebay, precision, and treadstone intercoolers and I can tell you that quality core makes a huge difference in air temps. I went from ebay to precision intercoolers and saw 20-30degrees difference in cooling. I'm running treadstone intercooler now as they are priced somewhere in the middle and the core is pretty decent.
  9. Ahh yes, cannot wait to see it done @stevenxwin
  10. I'm in on the raffle. How do I get in?
  11. Richs72RBz


    Please delete.
  12. I'm on the exact same boat as you. I am also looking for a roller with the same description/condition as above. Also looking to spend about the same amount depending on condition. Hit me up if you got one. Lookitzrich@yahoo.com or 805 815 5275
  13. Got bored last night so I made a video using the gopro software.
  14. I'm limited with the turbo, I could make more If I had a bigger turbo but response would suffer. I'll probably try out the gtx3076r next.
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