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  1. I have one of the MN47, glad i picked it up when i saw it. Getting real hard to find and it does seem to have the best combustion chamber of the L series heads.
  2. Thats painfull to look at, I now drive parts for a job and have to say people really dont know to slow down when you have a crazy rain. I was seeing lots of people driving as if nothing was different from a bright sunny day when it was pouring raining here on Thursday and Friday. You atleast got all of his information though? I mean it was obviously him driving to fast for the conditions and not knowing the limits of his vehicle.
  3. Gollum i think im gonna have to disagree on the 4 barrel idea, while ok for some motors i think for such high compression it wouldn't do well enough giving a even mixture in all cylinders to make sure no detonation happens. But thats just my opinion, however i do agree with the E85 and wild cam!
  4. Gollum i think your forgetting one very important factor in detonation, cylinder pressure and the relation of ignition timing to the amount of cylinder pressure generated. If i remember from my High performance engine prep class correctly the earlier (to a point, i believe it was the intake valve opening/closing) the ignition the higher the cylinder pressure since the fuel has more time to burn before the exhaust valve opens which relieves the cylinder pressure. Then there is the other side where you wait too long to ignite the mixture which allows the cylinder pressure to ignite the mixture before the spark plug fires, resulting in pre-ignition and the fuel either having two flame fronts that collide with each other, dealing damage to the cylinder or burning as it passes by the exhaust valve causing damage to the valve stem and valve guide. Also if your running a turbo it could be burning in the exhaust housing causing damage to your expensive turbo. Its late, but tomorrow i will find my notes from the class and double check this post.
  5. Get a outdoor cat, if you can find a "Bengal" breed cat, i had one that my mother threw outside. That cat cleaned a 1 mile square radius of our house of anything smaller then a raccoon, used to have problems with rats eating through wires on our VW Eurovan.
  6. Have to say this thread has Meaning to me too, just less then 6 months ago we had to put down my Childhood dog, we had him since i was 8 and he was the father of the 10 puppies that i helped deliver and brought one back from being still born. He was my Best friend and one of the most loving dogs ive ever known, making me happy was far more important to him then anything else. He also always jumping up and down, which is how he got his name Tigger. He was 15 and was having some serious medical problems, Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things ive ever had to do and thinking about him now brings tears to my eyes. We don't realize how deep the bonds go with our animals till their gone. RIP all those furry little critters we called Family.
  7. So Gollum remind me of this thread and that i never posted the info on the RWD Transmission adapter for V A G(Audi/VW) excluding the VR6's. I found this on another forum for hybrid guys like us but focusing more on Audi/VW cars, what i gather from a quick glance over the thread again this is a bellhousing that bolts a T5(ford) to a *** motor, is SFI rated for around $600 but you would have to "custom order" clutch with the ford spline and Audi Hub. They say that miata guys do this all the time but i don't know for sure about that, anyway heres the link to the thread on the other forum: http://www.motorgeek.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=38205&hilit=rwd+abz And heres the link to the company who makes it, and the listing for adapter that i believe they are talking about: http://prestoliteperformance.com/drivetrain/bellhousings/bellhousing-volkswagon-audi-muncie-jerico.html One last note, looking at the description of the the bellhousing, it says it does fit the VR6's so maybe they have added that since the thread was last touched on.
  8. Its a invisible pelican, why do you think he freaked out so bad? Wouldn't you drive into a lake if you saw a invisible pelican?
  9. An engine bay picture would probably be more helpful.
  10. Sounds like the alt that you got is defective, take it to a parts store(kragen, O'reilly, autozone) have them test the alt. Really does sound like the voltage regulator is bad.
  11. Just a little link to a article i found, im going to just let it speak for itself. I know a few members on here are personally affected by texting while driving. Text and Drive
  12. thehelix, it is like someone who want's to say i was at Black Sabbaths first concert and that's where i got this t-shirt. While it may not have been their best performance, it was the start of a great run, and to say that you were part of the start gives some people a good feeling.
  13. I am sure Tony will chime in soon to tell you the benefits of water/meth injection. That would be another way to combat the detonation.
  14. I live in Campbell about 5 min north of San Jose, I have lived in this area my whole life and i can tell you, some of the best roads are up on the Santa Cruz mountains. Try sometime going up Highway 9 through downtown Saratoga, great drive and once you get to summit road, you have endless amount of side roads and main roads to explore and enjoy the woods and views. Sadly their doesn't seem to be much a community for the south bay, from what ive seen if you wanna hang with Z guys, go visit them in the east or north bay!
  15. Have you checked on ebay, in the racing parts section? There is lots of used nascar and other racing series valves on there.
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