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  1. Looking for the mirror mount part that holds the sunvisors in place. That is the only piece I need. Thanks! David
  2. I've got a brand new set for the diamond vinyl pieces in storage somewhere.
  3. What is the price? Guess I missed it somewhere. I'd be down for a set.
  4. It only took me about 13 years to do mine. And I still have little things here and there. Like some kind of hood hold down ;/
  5. Well another week has past. I've got so many people asking me aren't you getting pi$$ed? Ya know if you look at the date I started this thread.... What's another week? Sure I missed Bransonzfest. Bummed? Yes. Now when it does get on the road, I'll be searching for reasonable shows to take it to. Not going to make it to the 1st annual Elks lodge show and shine in Monett Missouri. But larger shows for sure. It is getting running and tuned today so perhaps, next week?
  6. A/C is all part of the March front runner kit It is called the style track from March I'm sure if you did some research you'd find it. I don't have the specs.
  7. What condition are you looking for? Show car, driver, something just to pass inspection? PM me.
  8. Head over to FB bunch of info over there on LS/TT set ups. I applaude your effort to: Build a daily driver with 800 HP, backed up by a Ford 9" for drag racing and wanting to get into track racing as you start college. Also what is this stage II you are talking about? Transmissions? I've never seen a T-56 grow larger. To make the trans fit you have to hammer the tunnel, not install a new one. Mods!!! Shed this thing before I go overboard.
  9. Found one thank you so much though!!!
  10. Looking for a nice clean dome light for my 73. I can get replacemnet lense if you don't have it or it is cracked and yellowed. Thanks! David
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