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  1. OK Grumpy, Im building a 350 for my 280zx. I plan on using Trickflow heads with probably a Holley 750 carb. The car is going to be completely track used. I need help putting together a parts list so I can get approved for everything at work. So if there is any insight you would be able to give me that would be great, this will be my first time building a motor. I work at Summit Racing, so with my discount I can pretty much go all out on the motor. I was thinking about 400 horse to the wheels with either a turbo 400 or a powerglide.
  2. Im going to be picking up the 83 280zx turbo soon, and was wondering what are some tips that I should do before trying to start the car up? The car has sat for the past 6 or more years without moving. Anything I should do for sure, besides the normal fresh fuel and changing the oil. Should I pull each plug and squirt some oil into each cylinder and allow that to sit in there for a couple of days just to make sure none of the rings are stuck? Thanks for all your help in advance, Adam
  3. spdkilz02

    any Z

    Looking for either a 240, 260, 280, or even the 280zx. Doesnt have to be a complete car, even just a roller is perfectly fine. Looking for something around the Ohio area. You can either PM me here, or send me an email at opel1972@hotmail.com
  4. I would be interested in whatever you are able to produce in FB, depending on the price of course.
  5. ok, im getting a 350 block bored 40 over, and a chrysler rear end with 4.10 gears. all for free, not going to get the powerglide, think Im just going to find myself a TH400
  6. Does anyone know of any place that would have fiberglass panels? I was thinking of going this route since Im making a drag car out of it. The lighter I can make the whole car the better, especially if I can find a FB hood.
  7. thanks just ordered a catalog and bookmarked the site.
  8. I have an '83 ZX and the car has the typical rust, especially coming from Ohio. Does anyone know where I might be able to find fiberglass replacement panels for the Z? We dont have the junkyards are here that would even still have a Z sitting in them, so metal panels are going to be hard to find as well, unless I can find a donor car. Thanks for your help. Adam
  9. Just and update, a guy that I work with picked up 2 powerglides tonight. I think I might buy the one off of him, he said something like 50 or 75 bucks. And believe that I may have found a 350 block with crank for free, so that is definately a plus. Would I be ok using the stock crank, or since Im replacing everything else do it as well.
  10. That would definately be a cool idea. I know that we sell alot of the spectre kits.
  11. another question. does it matter if i just get an early 350 gen I or should i get the gen II LT1? whichever i get im going to completely rebuild.
  12. thanks, ill see if i can find one around me
  13. also forgot to tell ya which motor. Im going to be using an LT1, i was doing some searching and seems alot of people are going with the 4L60E. with that tranny hold up to the power im wanting to make?
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