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  1. Ok, so that's my incorrect use of "constant velocity", which seems to have more to do with the jets. I am not sure what you would call my observation... "manifold velocity"? It is the velocity of the air-fuel in the manifold. After the valve closes, the momentum of the air-fuel means its velocity does not change much and the air-fuel builds up for another intake opening. It is very interesting that this occurs with these carbs. It does not occur with triples.
  2. I want to make an observation regarding the Constant Velocity of SUs, as far as I see it. It is quite remarkable, yet another great feat of Japanese engineering. Twin SUs come with an intake such that the first SU feeds cylinders 1, 2 and 3, and the second SU feeds cylinders 4, 5 and 6. The distribution of intake strokes for the first SU (like the second SU) is #1, then a skipped stroke, then #2, then a skipped stroke, then #3 and finally a last skipped stroke before going back to #1. So it goes 1-skip-2-skip-3-skip-1... I do not know if it actually creates a standing wave of air flow, ce
  3. I love them, but would prefer the S30 shirt to say Datsun instead of Nissan.
  4. I have read the thread and there is all kinds of info here. In reading there seems there may be a possible solution for me, going with 14" wheels, but I am having trouble pulling it together. Here's the deal. I have 1970 240 and I have 2 sets of 14" wheels: #1 14x7 iron crosses, #2 14x7 Enkei. I am feeling vintage, so I HAVE to stick with these wheels, man! I am a DD and I will TrackDaze 6 weekends this year, as well as ZCON. I need to get the best performance out of my brakes, front and rear, for this use. What are my options for front disk brakes? Vented/slotted/cros
  5. I have a 1970 #3177, which I am replacing the entire drivetrain and suspension. No mods to the exterior or interior other than the steering wheel, the shifter knob and the climate controls. Engine: I read an earlier quote by someone here who said, paraphrasing: "I want the old style with the new technology". In my case, I want the old style with the old technology, squeezing as much out of it I can. Therefor, I have shipped my L24 numbers matching engine to Rebello Racing for their "Purist" engine build. Lower block is over-bored and stroked to make my 2.4L into a 2.84L. Head is bor
  6. I love pancakes, with my shmoke, but they have to have Maple Syrup. Who has better Maple Syrup?
  7. I am putting together a lot of parts to make what I think the S30 is meant to be. No turbo, no FI, no computers, original L24. The details of what parts I am putting in is in my sig. The engine got pulled yesterday and will be on its way to Dave Rebello early next week. Stroked to a 2.84 Liter. I am trying to find steel synchros to rebuild the tranny with. The diff has some backlash that I will have the shop get out. All work is being done by London Auto Services, here in Falls Church, VA. I used to be a mechanic, but my skills are sloppy, no space, no tools. I'll let the professional
  8. Here's my ride, currently in the shop for upgrades:
  9. How can I go about doing this, please?
  10. I am looking for one of: 1977-1979 280Z/ZX 5-speed MT: FS5W71A 1980 280ZX non-Turbo 5-speed MT: FS5W71B 1981-1983 280ZX non-Turbo 5-speed MT: FS5W71B 1987-1989 300ZX Turbo 5-speed MT: FS5R30A. I would prefer the 300ZX Turbo FS5R30A. If anyone has a line on one of these, please PM me and let me know. Cheers.
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