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  1. My time on Hybridz is just about up.  #248 is now sold and heading down to Texas.  I'm moving on to a different car, but  wanted to take a moment to thank the different people (Dale, Joel, John, etc) who have helped with information throughout the build.


    Hybridz is a unique place in that people are quick to share.  I've appreciated the content that's here and (as a Dad) the content that's not :).


    Great people, great site and great cars.


    Later days, Hybridz!


  2. Oh, man!  I'm off the site for a couple months and this happens!  Ross always went the extra mile for me.  He was one of those guys who didn't mind answering questions that I'm sure for him were basic but for me might as well have been nuclear science.  Like Mike, he'd call me up after an order just to make sure that there were no hangups at the border, etc.


    Life is precious (and fleeting).  We'll be praying for the Corrigans tonight! 




  3. Anyone have a shell that they're cutting up?  I'm needing the seat mounts (the cross braces that the seats mount to).  Both sides, the front and back.  When I restored mine, I removed mine and mounted the seats to the floor.






  4. Clive - I'm betting that anything is possible.  It's been a long time since I've looked at the back side of a 280 HVAC system.  It's all vaccum lines isn't it?  I'm betting that they'd be able to hook the cables to the 280Z controls, but just a heads up, it's really tight in there.  I have a slight problem with the cables binding, specifically the one for the defroster and the heat, which both run on top of the unit.  It gets real snug up there with the defroster lines and the center vents, etc.



  5. Clive:


    I did the Vintage Air swap as well.  Mine is a slightly different model, but very similar.  The set that I originally purchased had the billet electric controls but to keep the Datsun look, I sent my vent control panel and all cables to them and they swapped out the electric controls for the cables.  Now, it at least appears to be stock.  The A/C control (a rotary knob) is mounted where the cig lighter is and I swapped the cig lighter "knob" on to the rotary switch.




  6. As the title states, one of the last jobs that I have on the Z is the wipers.  I've searched and read and then searched some more.  


    I'm using a 21 circuit Painless wiring harness, but am getting no where with the wipers.  I'm also doing the Honda wiper upgrade at the same time, and have it wired through a relay as instructed in the honda wiper upgrade thread.  I'm not sure if I'm not understanding the Datsun wiring correctly or what, but I've wired it based on what others have done and I'm just popping fuses and not getting anything.

    Here's what searching has turned up:  (there are conflicts between the different posts about which wire is which)


    Blue/White & Blue/Red = Windshield washer

    Yellow/Green = Wiper power feed

    Red/Blue = High Speed

    Yellow/Black = Low Speed

    Blue/Yellow = Intermittent

    Black = Ground


    The Painless Harness has only one wiper feed wire (#905 - Blue). 


    I have the Painless feed wired to Yellow/Green.  As soon as I turn it on, I blow the fuse.  Would someone set me straight on this?  Do I have it wired wrong?

    Thanks for your help,



  7. So, just to make sure I understand correctly, before you clear things up one last time, you're going to refund my money, correct?


    When you admit that you have serious product issues, doesn't it seem right that you'd refund the money that you took from a customer when you knew beforehand that your product was crap?


    Again, you ask for help and understanding, but then don't fix the problem that you admitedly created? Come on. Quit hosing people. If you can't make a decent product (as evidenced by the problems that have been posted), then do the Z community a favor and get out of business. Or make it right. Either would be fine.




  8. Did you read my pm regarding a replacement piece or refund of some type? You had asked for my help on how you could make it better (which I gave) but have made no effort to fix my situation.


    It seems like others that have posted their issues have been able to get help - and it would go a long way towards making people on the board feel good about ordering from you again.



  9. Looking for suggestions here. Current exhaust system is (from motor back): Sanderson headers, stainless 2.5" mandrel bend pipe to a y-pipe joining behind tranny, moving to stainless 3" pipe to a summit bullet style silencer and out to a magnaflow muffler.


    Motor a healthy LT-1 and the Z is fully dynomatted.


    From the outside, it sounds really nice - deep and smooth. From the inside, well, it makes your ears bleed. Not really, but close. I seriously have to wear ear plugs. Forget listening to music or talking.


    I'd like peoples opinions on different muffler options that will lower the noise level to I-can-drive-it-without-resorting-to-sign-language-levels.



  10. I hate to be a downer, but I purchased the corvette tail light panel from them on ebay and it came cracked and mis-shaped. The crack was from shipping, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway as the panel was bowed out in a such a way that it would not have fit the car regardless. $165 down the drain.


    I was under a time crunch to get the Z ready for a show, and as a result, didn't take the time to contact the seller and tell him about it, I just tried to make the best out of a not great situation. I ended up cutting the (cracked) panel using the outside parts to make camaro tail light panels.


    I may have had the lone bad experience, but just be aware!

  11. Here are a couple shots of the lights done:






    The car is real dirty, so when it's back on its wheels I'll wash, wax and get some better pics.


    Two spray can coats of metallic black, wet sanded between each followed by two coats of clear also wet sanded between each. Finished off with some buffing and the gloss is crazy - from a spray can! Pretty chuffed with the way that they truned out. All thats left is to mount the lights and to come up with a solution for the backup lights.

  12. You're right about being installed opposite of the original position. Not really noticable unless you're actually lower than the lights.


    Here's what I've learned so far:


    1. The lights are too deep (with the plastic back). Fortunately, I had a set of '71 Corvette tail lights that I was thinking about using and they have a very slim back, so I've married the two and it fits fine.


    2. Biggest thing, and what I'll probably do next summer, is to go find a wrecked '71, and cut the metal around the tail lights and then weld it to the Datsun tail light surround panel - as opposed to going the fiberglass route. I would have done that any way, but bought the corvette tail panel from the vendor (big mistake) and didn't want to waste more money.


    3. The Camaro tails look big!... until you get them up there and then they're actually a little undersized. I may go to one of the classic junk yards in the area with a tape measure and see what other lights are out there.


    I should have pics of the finished product tomorrow. I sprayed my last coat of clear tonight.


    If you have other questions, just shoot.



  13. Well, I was stuck waiting for all of my parts to come in to finish my R230 swap and started thinking about tail lights.


    I've always liked the skyline tail lights:




    The cost though is crazy...$1200 for a set of lights and the surround panels not including shipping!!!


    So, I started looking on ebay for round tail lights and purchased a corvette style tail light panel. I purchased a set of early seventies Vette and Camaro tails and settled on the Camaro lights.


    The corvette tail light panel came from a vendor (Custom Z Parts), via ebay, and got to me cracked and misshaped. Rather than screw with the vendor, I cut the tail light panels down, and was able to get a second set of tail light panels from a good friend.


    I trimmed the panel down, mounted the lights and here is the early version of what I have:






    The panel is just screwed in place, but will be bonded using 3M panel bond adhesive and then the edges fethered in with body filler. End result should be pretty cool.


    We'll see!

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