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  1. ...take your figure and multiply it by 6 then you would end up where I did, conservatively.


    True that. Plan on going over whatever estimate you come up with period. There are so many things that you miss, even when you sit down and plan it out. For my restoration, I filled out an excel spreadsheet with a different page for each stage of the build (body, mechanical, interior, etc) and still went over by a good bit. Just one of those things.



  2. Grumpy:


    Thanks for the starters. The car ran well two weeks ago at a car show and then was taken back to the shop to have the NOS system ironed out. What I didn't realize was that someone had adjusted the fpr way down. I knew I had fuel, but after checking everything else, I started working backwords and noticed it. Opened it back up, cranked it over and it fired up. What I hadn't done was have someone turn the motor over as I checked the pressure gauge. Would have saved me some frustration and time.


    Thank you again for taking the time to give the tips. Alls well that runs well.





  3. Just got the Z back from a local rod shop that was suppposed to setup the NOS system for me and investigate an ignition switch issue (whether the ACC portion of the switch was wired correctly).


    After some time, almost 2 months, the owner of the shop stated that he was having a hard time getting the Z to start after doing some work on the ignition switch wiring. I put him in touch with John @ Speartech who said that the problem sounded like a major vacuum leak (car would crank for a long while before firing, then would be pig rich and miss on several cylinders). BTW, it ran well going in to the shop.


    I got a call from the owner that the issue had "cleared up" and the Z was ready to get picked up. I went this past Tuesday to pick it up and although it took forever to get started, the car seemed to run smoothly. About 5 miles in to the trip home, the Z began missing extremely bad and loosing power, all intermitently. The car died several times on the way home and would seem to be running on 3 or 4 cylinders. The farther I went, the worse it got, to the point that I was really focussed on just getting home.


    Long story short, I pulled the plugs as I can't even get the car to start now. The plugs for the front 4 cylinders look good, but the back four look flooded. I've checked the obvious (vacuum leaks, etc) and can't see any thing out of the ordinary.


    Anyone have any thoughts (other than take the car back)? Fuel pump is running and is developing good pressure, but the car just isn't firing.


    Thanks in advance - I'm down to my last two hairs with this thing...



  4. think I saw that car up at R&R a few weeks ago, and a few weeks before that maybe? ;)


    Ha! You just thought that that was R&R - it's really my second garage!!!! The car has spent more time there than at my house!!!


    Actually, Rick is done adjusting the NOS system, so it should be home in a week or 5. :)


    How's yours coming along?



  5. Hey Bart. I'm somewhat in a corner on the car. Our daughter is 14 mos. old now and isn't adjusting well to daycare. The Z is the financial weight around my neck that is keeping my wife from staying home full time.


    I recognize that the asking price is high, but it's what I have to get for it and still a good $15K less than what I have in it.


    Dupont has been a good venue to list it as there are more people than I expected who are looking for a custom car at that price point.


    All that said, I really don't want to sell it. Just love my daughter more.



  6. Now you'll see your car for sale on eBay, Craigslist, and by an ex-General from Nigeria.


    For real. The car is up for sale on the Dupont Registry website, so maybe this may generate some interest.....


    I had hybridz's website in the small article, but they pulled it. Was hoping to generate some site traffic!



  7. First time ever! It's Hagerty's quarterly magazine... :)




    They had contacted me earlier in the year expressing some interest after they received new photos, and voila! Sad thing was that they edited out all of my props to Hybridz!


    Gonna have to frame this one...



  8. Well, I don't know what the heck the rest of these guys are talking about, but I think that thing is terrible!!! So terrible in fact that I think that you ought to just go ahead and give it to me along with all of those neat parts that you've got...




    Man, does that bring back recent memories! Sure is exciting to see it with color on it!


    Congrats big time!


    BTW, having another white Z in the stable is going to do nothing but cause me more trouble... I can't even begin to tell you the number of times I've had people come up and say "Do you know the guy with the white one with the big motor?"


    I should have painted mine white...then we could have really screwed with their heads!



  9. I've had two sets of spacer/adapters and can tell you a couple of good sources. First, if its a spacer or the common Honda swap, go to Ross at Modern Motorsports. It probably will be easier for you anyways as He's located in Vancouver. His were top quality and I ran them before switching bolt patterns.


    For this stage of the Z, I am running a two piece, 4x114.3 to 5x114.3 adapter made by http://www.motorsport-tech.com/. Their service is very good, their spacers are insurred, come with new studs, etc.


    Don't settle for the cheap fleabay parts. Its your wheel, and the difference in quality may be the difference between your wheel staying with your car or passing you in the other lane.


    Just my .02





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