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  1. Well, it's a little weird to say this, but the rodstoration of #248 is finally done - and so it's now officially up for sale. Should (hopefully) make the March issue of duPont Registry. It will be interesting to see peoples reactions, as I'll be asking a good chunk of change - though not nearly as much as I have in it.


    Funny how a beautiful little girl will change your priorities (being a Dad is awesome).


    Anyways, I was able to get out and take a few shots of it this weekend at the Pea Ridge Military park, a civil war park in our area.


    I think that it turned out well!


    For those that didn't see the earlier shots, here is how she started:




    and Sunday:
















    I've got to say many thanks to those who have helped me out through out this build - Sommers, Dale, Bart, Jody, Ernie, etc....






  2. Having just completed a ground up rodstoration on #248, here's my .02.


    Buy someone elses project and save your self a heck of a lot of bones ($).


    I didn't cut corners on mine and I have closer to what John has in his. It really is the small things that will get you. I planned for each of the large steps (motor swap, body, suspension, etc), but neglected to factor in alot of the smaller items that were needed - and I found that those smaller things ate my lunch.


    Now I'm in the position of turning around and having to sell mine. So here comes my second little nugget of advice - plan out your stages of life as well. I undertook a major restoration when my wife and I had no children. Now with my little daughter, my priorities have changed and, honestly, the Z isn't up there any more.


    I recognize that I diverged from the original cost question, but ....



  3. HIGH is what you are if you are dreaming of getting big money for a 240z.


    But if he wants to sell his car, he should post some pics and put up a price.


    At least he is right about beating cars 2x as fast. I sold my last 72 for $6,000 and it could easily beat hondas that cost $12k maybe even $15...


    Huh? Uh, alrighty.


    I think what you're saying is relative. Relative to the condition of the car you're selling and to your definition of what bigger $ amounts are. You got 6 grand for your Z and maybe you got lucky. My z is a little different in that it's been restored top to bottom.


    Pics of my car are all over the site and as I said, if someone were interested in purchasing it, I'd share the info with them.


    Glad you were able to beat hondas.



  4. Honestly, talking $ about a car is one of those things that I'm saving for someone who's serious about it. Don't take this as a prick-ish statement, don't mean it to sound that way. The reality of it is that I've put a heck of a lot of money into the car getting it to best in show standards so for most people the price tag would be way high.


    But, there's always someone somewhere (the eternal optimist in me...:))



  5. How much are you willing to spend? I have been debating selling mine, but as it is a complete restoration it would be fairly expensive. On the other hand, you would have a car that would beat most other cars 2 to three times its cost.



  6. I've put around 100 miles on the Z now that it's mostly done and have a few questions that I need to ask. I've searched, but honestly don't know the right terminology.


    The car is equipped with a Nismo R180 LSD that has the more aggressive ramps of the more common R180 LSD rear ends.


    What has me raising an eyebrow is the way that the car doesn't like to turn at slower speeds. I've heard of aggressive, but this feels more like the rear is welded (it isn't). If you saw my driveway, it looks like I've been peeling out every time I leave or pull in. It's laying rubber all the time!


    It locks hard enough that when turning tightly, the outside wheel will try to turn backwards. When backing up and turning (like pulling out of the drive), it feels like the rear is binding up.


    Anyone care to share any insites? The rear definitely helps when getting on it at speed - there are two nice fat lines at a nearby stop sign and I feel confident getting into the power when going through higher speed curves.

    Just feels weird at the other times.



  7. If you ever do get the chance, go see the Festival of Speed. We got to go for the 10th anniversary and it was unbelievable. The chance to go up and sit in/look at/talk to mega rare cars and famous drivers was unreal. I got to meet Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd (huge car guy), John Surtees, Damon Hill, Stirling Moss and a slew of other guys.


    One of the most incredible things was being a foot or two away from the new F1 cars when they started them up! I had ear plugs and it still hurt!


    Anywho...that video brought back a lot of memories!



  8. Guys:


    I'm at the point where I'm wiring my audio stuff.


    The setup that I have is:


    A Kenwood Excelon head unit (CD/MP3, other stuff)

    Alpine 6.5" Type S component speakers (for front)

    Alpine 6.5" Type S speakers for rear

    Alpine 10" sub

    Alpine 800 watt 4 channel amp


    My question is this: should I run my front speakers through the amp or through the head unit? Initially, I was thinking that I would run both the rear speakers and sub through the amp, but I hooked up the fronts through the head unit and it sounds, well, kinda limp.


    Opinions, thoughts, etc?



  9. Glad that you're happy with them. There's always a chance that you may recommend something and then someone else thinks it's crap....so, good times!


    For me the pocket is really handy due to the fact that I have my extra gauges on a panel in the glovebox.




  10. Is the leather genuine leather? Its hard to tell what your going to get now days. Just cause they are said to be "leather" does not mean it really is...


    Wait wait wait...I've got a Seinfeld.....


    "They're real, Jerry and they're fabulous....."


    I think that the seats are leather and the back is a fabric.

  11. You guys crack me up.


    Joel - In my opinion they great. Someone else may have a different opinion, but from three sets of seats experience, they're the best yet, and would've cost me significantly more to find something that was comparable and in that condition. I bet you'll be pleased.


    Dale - give him a shout. I believe that he has more coming.



  12. Ask and you shall receive...... :)


    Here are the pics of the drivers seat - btw, it's just setting there, not bolted.








    One note: they're sitting a little higher right now as some of my insulation/wiring/carpet padding is getting in the way. The seats will drop by about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.


    I'm really pleased with them. Plus, it looks like you could win them for significantly less than me.



  13. Guys:


    I'll try to answer the questions you guys asked.


    The DAD seats were sold to a friend of mine for his firebird.


    When the body shop was doing the body, I took them the Miata seats and had them weld in steel plates on the underside of the floor pans where the seats would mount up, so yes, they mount on the floor.




    The packaging and shipping cost via Con-way freight was $200. Steep for sure, but in the end, worth it to me.


    My car is going to be driven on a regular basis, so I wanted comfort, strength (non flimsy design) and supportive for "fun" events and long trips. The durability factor eliminated a lot of aftermarket sport seats and the size of the Z limited my other options.


    The solstice seats fit all those requirements for me.


    I'll get some pics of the seats in the car tomorrow.



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